Someone have problems with players using Monastery xploit bug?

In the last few games we have found a group of players performing Russian monastery xploit, duplicate relics, producing an insane amount of gold per minute that unbalances the game … Does anyone know how to counter this?

That the most commons perpetrators in games now:

We need a Age IV game free of xploits and hacks… please patch it


How are they duplicating?

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Two cheaters

He was duplicating Relics and the other guy was using the mongol bug trader money. The funny thing is that the guy who cheated us said on YT that it was OK to use it on multiplayer custom game.

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Relics, with warriors monks… they are hard cheating, look my last Arabia game

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2200 Gold per min

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Somehow they manage to duplicate and freeze the value. like a cheat engine acelerator. spam pick up the relic with the monks . then destroy the monastery. every monk have the relic and the deposit it in another monastery.


This is a exploit abuse, needs to be fixed asap. if not a lot of exploit users will come and the game will just become boring.

Consider listing this in the bug section for better visibility?


Age history is full of bug and exploits, since mythology and age of empires 3, its already posted in bug / exploit section , in steam, and here in order to gain visibility help us sharing this

they already deleted the one at t the bug section

Age of noob seems to have found out how it works.
This is so much worse than the mongol tc glitch.

Its straight up game breaking.


The worst thing is that they are making pairs of Mongol + Russ game in multiplayer, to totally ruin the game experience … only a strong rush 2 vs 2 can face this, the rest is wasting time … we will have to wait for it to come out the hotfix …

If only it was the only worst gich.

Some people are duplicathig villager or military units whit glich.

Not sure if its the same way. XD

Don’ t try to report the bug… the new politics for this community is delete the post and silence the problem … like an ostrich sticking its head in the ground

Their unit testing should really be checking that there is no way to get negative numbers.

duplicating items in inventories is a long standing issue in games, when will devs adopt a standardized design that doesn’t do this, or at the very least when will testers make sure their custom design doesn’t do this?

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They’re aware of it

They just don’t allow multiple threads on the same bug.


That happened in my campaign mission too. Was not sure how i got extra relics but when i checked they doubled

Its not the relic problem, the problem is name shaming and witch hunting. Make a post about the exploit, report the player, don’t plaster the name of said player on the forums and go after em.

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Exactly, its annoying for sure when you play versus a group of players like this but they are looking into it! :slight_smile:

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In the mean time, i will keep using every exploit, on my friend acount. :smiley: