Sorry but nobody likes this casual rank

I still don’t know if my opponent in a lobby is good enough until I check elo rank. Lobbies are currently dead now because of this, many players who never do ranked play. There’s no way to know if they are good or not until game is played. There are games with too much level difference so they are not interesting.

People LOVED ranks in Legacy. It was an immersive feature which everybody was familiar with, even low ranks/casual players. When you were a master sergeant you were proud of winning a 2nd liutenant.
In my opinion there should be 2 ranks, same as now but removing the current

-ELO for ranked.
-PR (Old power rating) with a military rank, same as Legacy. Only for lobby games. Casual Rank

Lobby games should also provide a no-ranked option, rather than using FFA, 0% handicap, etc.


To get a fair matchup in lobby I usually create a game title with my ELO rank in it. That way everybody knows what level I’m looking for.

But this is a ‘workaround’ of a problem. Power rating seems a way better solution.


Well if you want a competitive game that’s what ranked is for. Trying to get a competitive game in casual is counter intuitive.


Casual does not mean imbalanced.


There aren’t very many low level players playing ranked matches though

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there are a ton actually.


In my opinion the “average” 1000 elo player is playing at a very high level. It’s not like people are putting down mills age 1.

actually when people start playing ranked for the first time, they get 1000 elo, which is what makes new comers to ranked 1v1 lose 10 matches in a row and then they just quit ranked 1v1. the entry point is very high. if newbs could get matched against other newbs then they might just survive ranked 1v1 and develop their skills as well.


join to a discord, i never play with strange people unless is ranked quee

What about having more than 2 teams, Free For Alls, and King of the Hill matches? These aren’t available on ladder.

I don’t think it is counter intuitive to want to know how proficient someone is at the game.

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Yeah the current casual ranking system does not make sense. I only play casual and sometimes my rank just drops then after a week or so goes almost back to where it was. My brother who just started playing DE his casual rank is as high as mine and he only got the game 2 weeks ago and we always play together so it’s not like he stacking wins or xp without me

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It’s only over the last 10 days I believe.


Well they couldn’t put them on ladder because it would dilute an already small player base.

The casual rank is meaningless either way because if I wanted to keep my rank low and noob bash I’d just resign games/lose on purpose etc. You’d have no way of knowing my real skill.
Or I’d just make a smurf account.

If you want to play casual and keep it competitive you can join a clan or only play with friends.

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I don’t think they should be on ladder. But a useful ranking system would mean you could get lobbies going.

I was directly referring to your statement of being counter intuitive. I don’t think it is. And you haven’t said anything to change my mind.

This is 100% possible on ladder as well. It’s super easy too by using family sharing on Steam to create new accounts at no cost. I would say it’s actually easier since you can get a game in queue by 8 minutes almost guaranteed as opposed to waiting for a lobby.

Sure, or we could have a working causal rank system.

I don’t fully understand your argument. Are you saying it shouldn’t happen because you wouldn’t personally use it? Or do you think developer time should be put elsewhere?

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Well you’re saying you want competitive games, when there is a competitive ranked ladder.
Casual is just that, casual. So by design it’s a mix of all different skill levels with more noobs in general.
The amount of people that want to play king of the hill regularly is tiny so it’s unreasonable to expect the devs to cater for that, the most popular game modes are available in ranked, so 1v1/team/treaty.

Anything outside of that is why you have the casual lobby to play your own games, you can find people of similar skill on forums/reddit etc and make some games it’s not hard.

I haven’t said that. I’ve said that I would like to have games where we have an idea of what the opponents skill level is.

If it’s priority issue, then you have an argument. I would disagree with you though. I love playing KotH games and it is infuriating when you have a lobby where someone doesn’t know how to play. I have actually created a text file to copy and paste a script to verify people have played before and to explain the rules. In that mode specifically, the timer does not last as long per player with a larger player count. (i.g. 3 players will be a 7 minute times, 8 players will be a 4 minute timer). If people are not active in the game, then someone can get away with a cheesier victory.

That is one use case. Clearly people also like to have:

  • A less stressful atmosphere to have a game against someone that is around their skill level. A ‘casual’ game against someone that just installed isn’t going to be fun for most people.
  • The classic host a lobby at your skill level and walk away until someone Taunt 11’s you with a similar rank (for instance if the queue is always going past 7 minutes)
  • Making fair teams in a 2v2v2 or 2v2v2v2 etc.
  • Starting a Free For All Game with people of similar rank so that you lessen the chance of someone just steam rolling through everyone. Or alternatively, knowing who the highest ranking player is so that they have a target on their back

And the biggest reason:

  • A way to make a team games fair since the team matchmaking queue is not adequate

Or we could have the system we had on legacy. And it seems like they tried to improve it on DE, but it unfortunately isn’t working as well. That is what the thread is about. I appreciate the developers trying something new that they thought would work better. But it isn’t working the best for the community.


I agree. Imagine how you must feel if you have never played the game before. You should need to drop like 500 elo. That is depressing.

I think they should just remove casual Ranks, show your win % and matches played and elo. I think casual should be disabled against other players until you get an elo. Elo should start lower rather than 1000 so that you don’t have to lose so much in the beginning. You should get rewards for wining in ranked.

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Wow so much feedback. Let’s keep this up so it will call devs attention


People need to be less afraid of ranked play if they want balanced matches imo. But people dont seem to understand how elo works and get discouraged.