Sorry but nobody likes this casual rank

But if the stars are the number of games you played in the last 30 days how come the bars/stripes reset but the stars stay the same and always increase overtime? I always thought that the stars were total games you’ve played. I was at 3 stars but now I have one because my laptop died and I bought another one and lost all my casual rank stuff and my player icons when I reinstalled the game

No if you stop playing completely after a month, your star gets reset. That happens to me always. I believe if you always play at least some game there is some continuity there.

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Ok that makes sense. I usually play a few games a week so I guess that why I haven’t noticed it happen

En estos momentos estas obligado a jugar con amigos que ya conoces ya que jugar en lobbie es una lotería y normalmente al que mejor rating tiene le ponen con el peor para balancear pero, nadie sabe qué rating es cada uno antes de jugar, es horrible…