Sorry, failed to connect to multiplayer services. Server certificate authentication failed

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  • GAME BUILD #: newest
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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Sorry, failed to connect to multiplayer services. Server certificate authentication failed.

Source : AccountLoginEvent
Error Code : 0xffffffff
Extended Code: 0xfffffff3

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Same issue, this seems very frequent these days.

What worked for me is setting up my computer date 2 days behind so I put 15 of april instead of 18 of april and now it works after I restart the game.

their certificates expired so setting the date back makes the certificate still valid it seems

Nope, it crashes the game.

exactly what I though so that’s why I tried to set the date 2 days behind. Now it works

Try restarting the game

That’s what i did, but when i join a game it crashes.

I can’t even load AOE3:DE
“Unable to connect to online services, extended error. Please try again later.”

Also getting:
“You have lost network connectivity. Please check you internet connection and restart the game.”

Weird that I can post in an online forum with no network connectivity (rolls eyes)

Having the same exact issue. Played 4 multiplayer games last night. Now I’m unable to connect. Please advise.

i try that… it works… but i have to restart the game.

@Developers/Multiplayer Host: Please renew the certificate for AOE II

Workaround: set your computer date / time to yesterday.

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I’ve submitted a bug to the developers
WhatsApp Image 2021-04-18 at 21.47.05

It should work now. Certificate has been renewed


Why do the renew for 1 year instead of 5 or 10?
Reall absurd

Working. Nice work, sir. Thanks for the submission.

It is a HTTPS certificate. Nowadays it is common to have an one year lifespan:
The idea here is that the shorter an SSL/TLS leaf certificate’s validity period, the more secure the certificate is.

During renewal the keys are updated to the latest security standards.

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Hi, i have the same certificate problem. I submitted request also, but i am wondering about how did you solved this problem ? Did the game devolopers sent you new certificates or what ?

Hello! I am having this problem in 2023. Can these certificates still be obtained?

Hello everyone! I also have this problem, is there a way to fix it?