Sorting game lobbies by UGC crashes the game

Game Version:

  • Build 33315, Steam version


When clicking “UGC” in the Lobby Browser (Unranked), I expect it to sort by UGC, instead, the game crashes (exit to desktop with no warning). This happens when there is more than 1 game with UGC present, and the WESTEUROPE-only lobby bug is also present on my client.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Go to Lobby Browser (Unranked)
  2. Click “UGC” at the top of the table of lobbies after every lobby has loaded.

If I click before the lobbies are loaded, the game will crash once the lobbies load. If there is 1 game with UGC, the game will not crash, but if I click “reload” it might crash once the list is reloaded (presumably because there is more than 1 game with UGC).

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