South Asian King?

Every architecture set features a unique king except the South Asian set.
Can we plz get a unique graphics for them?


Just a point of clarification: the Western European (Britons, Celts, Franks), Central European (Teutons, Goths, Vikings), Eastern European (Slavs, Magyars, Bulgarians), and Mediterranean (Italians, Byzantines, Spanish, and Portuguese) building sets all share the same King graphic. :crown: :slight_smile:

Don’t let this dissuade you from the discussion though. Ideas are always welcome.


Ah right, thanks for reminding! :slightly_smiling_face:

So can they plz get some uniqueness as well in the next update(since each update brings us some new graphics, thank you so much FE team!)


Monks as well. I mean it’s great that mesoamerican civs have this shamanistic look which is quite befitting but Asian and European monks look the same. Wish the east Asian monks had the true dharmic monk (tonsured head) look instead that of a medieval European monk. At the same time Middle Eastern civs could have a Imam-esque look.

Just to clarify this I have absolutely zero problems with the way the Asian monks look, just having a discussion.


The problem is that monk is hardcoded, the healing graphics, modders know this problem well. Implementation of new monks with proper ai functionality might actually be more difficult

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Yes perhaps, just loved what they did with monks in AOE3 so hoped something same could be done here as well.

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It’s true that it’s hardcoded. That being said, implementing civ specific monks didn’t prove to be too much of an issue in UserPatch, so it should be doable on DE. And it would be very welcome.


Moooonk, I need a moooonk.

Seriously, they did it in the wololokingdoms. I know they can do it again. Different kings and monks give a nice touch to the game


Then unique villagers should also be doable?
Or is the shepherd graphics even more hardcoded?


Theoretically it would be doable, but that’s a lot more work for various reasons. That’s why it was considered but not implemented for UP. But should the DE devs decide to do it, they would find a way. SWGB has civ unique workers, so it’s not out of the realms of the Genie Engine.


Ah that’s another game one wishes had a DE in the works.

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I wish Rise of Nations had a DE. :smiley:
It was a great historical RTS by Microsoft.

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Unfortunately Big Huge Games the studio behind Rise of Nation broke up I think but still since RON had a HD it certainly could have a DE as well.

To be honest I feel every classic RTS should have a DE starting with Command and Conquer to Empire Earth to Battle for Middle Earth you name it.

Classic Command and Conquer Tiberium line is getting a DE I think and BFMI had a DE in the works albeit totally indie. But holy ■■■■…what would I give for Empire Earth 1 DE :hugs: :pensive:

Non of those games is done by Microsoft. I don’t know why you are mentioning them here.

Rise of Nations on the other hand is published by Microsoft

I am mentioning them here because I mentioned RTS in general which I felt should get DE and I don’t think there is any rule against just mentioning their name, is there.

Rise of Nations might have been published by Microsoft but it was developed by a different studio using a different engine so I don’t think it has got anything to do with the Age series either. But I don’t see any harm in just mentioning their name.

Also one game I felt should’ve gotten DE before AOEIII was AOM (chronologically at least) and it’s a part of the Age series and even by Ensemble Studios itself.

Topic about unique monk graphics


But the South Asian set does have a unique King, right? The little guy with the golden umbrella.

South Asia ≠ South-East Asia


Thank you for the correction, you are right.

As we are talking about the king unit, I am sharing a screen from my last regicide game: King in the garden. The Khmer King strolling around is own private garden. :prince: :sweat_smile:

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