Spain 1v1

let’s keep it simple. Top level Spain players have succumb to the idea that Spain is a fast fortress to semi fast fortress civ, with exception of heavy water maps and large tp maps (Mexico). I personally do not like this one dimensional play especially since another ff semi ff civ (china) can be viable in prolong age 2 play… but I digress.

With the change from 9 crossbow age up down to 8 and the revamp on the age 4 pike Xbox upgrade, Spain IMO has fallen in the 1v1 match-up. I’d like the community to discuss how we can open up Spain versatility and under powered issues.

Personally I’d like the the 900 logistic politician tweaked. Why not make it do what it currently does BUT also send 300w upon age up JUST the one time?!

The faster age 1 card shipments permitted with 900f age up is a non-factor by and large with very few niche reactionary uses. Say you were shipping resources but you scout a timing and want to cancel the resource shipment for CM. OTHERWISE the faster age 1 shipments perk isn’t a real perk.

900f age up should have a perk that affects all cards or something?
Spain is about gold so turn this 900f age up into a gold trickle!! Say a 4 villager worth gold trickle! 2.4 coin/sec. This auto coin gather rate would take 5mins to equate to tower age up in terms of villager sec! But if you only consider the economy aspect it would quickly be viable age 2 tactic into age 3

Another idea is to have the 900f age up lose the faster shipmemt but allow 200g and 100w added to alll!! Shipments


Spain on 1v1 is in a good spot right now but I get what you are saying.
The reason ppl only ff as spain is because they lack a fast age politician to age 3 so if they play age 2 they will pretty much get stuck in there.

You could send an age 1 shipment in transition to age 2 and time it so it arrives right as you hit age 2 so u get the shipment+the 400 ressources.
There are options for the logistician but they involve getting stuck on age 2 for a too long time.


You can choose one of the 15 other civs.
The alternatives to logistician you mentioned are all way too strong.


To be honest, the logistician politician is already good. The only problem is that it costs 100 more food than the other politicians and therefore delays your age up. If they reduced it down to 800, it would be more competitive, and more people would use it.


the 900f spain age up is not good… the singular OPTIMAL nontreaty use is say a schooner transition age up (but if you going early water why would u NOT tower for protection?). Sending age 1 cards instead of age 2 cards AND NOT GET AGE UP RESOURCES?? is often in a rush game very bad use of early shipments.

The 900f does have a late game advantage of providing a re-occurring 1100 res shipment (with spain gold); but good luck getting that far into a RUSH game crippling yourself with that age up, especially on land maps.

Right now Tower age up is the MOST versatile of spain’s age up; gives the second highest villager-second value WITHOUT waiting 5mins ( 2 vil 2 cows).

Spain is the ONLY civ that has a SINGULAR viable land strat if there isn’t a large tp-line stage coach…

And lastly it doesn’t have to be my idea that gets implemented as the change to 900f spain age up. I prefer the change be a slow rewarding bonus that helps spain economy but doesn’t work for a FF; maybe into a long age 2 semi with very stable eco.


No me gusta el logista, la unica ventaja clara es la velocidad en que llega el envio y que se pueden enviar infinitamente, pero seamos honesto como maximo usaremos ese envio infinito como 2 o 3 veces, Se tendria que dar las circunstancia perfecta con un orden de construccion para aprovechar ese envio, Porque diria hace fruto a la larga, Porque seria mejor pasar con 800 de comida y en cima aprovechar las ventajas que te dan otro politico, El logista deberia otorgar algo mas, ¿ Un arsenal o carretera militar??? mmm no nose seria muy op, Al menos que de algo pequeño mas, Hasta con un perro de guerra me conformo.
Con respecto a España en 1v1 me parece que no esta tan mal como dicen, tiene muy buen ff y rinde demasiado en el aspecto militar, aunque su conomia vaya creciendo paulatinamente en cuarta puede de todos modos optar por hacer hacer infateria arcaica a bajo precio con buenas estadisticas


Okay I figured it out!! This is how you can make the 900f age up viable supremacy land games!! Make it upon age up grant a 20% discount on wood cost for archaic units and ships 2 pikes.

This would keep in line with the Spain age 2 arachiac army build, since it starts with no age up resources its not an instant GG rush, but the scaling factors of reduce archaic unit’s wood cost would allow for viable early mass and pressure and long term trade efficiency. And since there is only 2 arachiac units costing wood, it would not be OP. Also this opening is NOT so strong that you’d auto open with it every time and forgo ff options. I see this as a good early pressure to contest/defend early ATP or to slow down the Sweden Japan inca brit booms then semi.

This would marry well with all the other archaic cards and especially make an age 4 archaic play viable longer.

And this would be absolutely great for Spain team supremacy play!!!


Not only 2 units use Wood, the entire Artillery Foundry roster uses Wood, and no one wants to see discounted Falc spam.


They can specify archaic units get the wood discount. Or something to that effect to insure no confusion

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The thing is very simple, some will tell you that this OP (the pure totally subjective haters) many that it is tier A and many that it is garbage, garbage why? Because the civ needs a rework from 0, let me explain, to be able to play the same with Spain as with other civs, your effort must be greater, since it is a super technical civ, with no possibility of error in your timing and micro. Remass correctly It is much more difficult whit Spain than with other civs and you absolutely depend on your 2 falconets in most cases. Why are you going to play Spain if you can do practically the same and better (semi FF that is more powerful) with France(semi FF in 7,30 minutes whit early preassure of musk for example), Germany etc.

More experienced players can deal with this micro and macro technical difficulty of this civ and that is why in my opinion their vision is wrong because they do not notice this technical difficulty because they do not usually fail in micro, macro, timing etc. But we all know that with the rest of the civs you can allow yourself mistakes and keep remassing, having good economy, keep fighting and win the game, whit Spain u need do eco FF SG 1k wood after 2 falcs and pray to do the same than other civs, is a madness


No it does not. spain is a very powerful aggressive and Boom civ.
It is actually up there with Germans as far as early aggression goes.

No it is not. Just go for Stables units, which thank to Lancers, cannot even be stopped by Pikes, Halbs or Musks.

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sorry i stop reading when i see BOOM CIV , my portuguese friend u need play more Spain

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I just played a Spain match with a deck I literally called Eco Boom. Spanish Gold allows Spain to focus on Food and Wood a lot more, and get so many Mercenaries and Mayan shipments in the lategame.

It is a super easy deck that Booms very aggressively, and cannot be stopped easily, due to Hussars and Lancers with Unction.

Age up to Colonial with either the 500 Food or 2 Vills + 2 Cows, and to Fortress with the Covered Wagon.

You can also just replace the 12 Pikes with Cav Combat, for really strong Fortress Cav.
I just like the 12 Pikes because people never figure you are going for Cav with this deck.
It comes accross as an Infantry + Falc deck, which it most definitely is not.

man , what is this deck? this is 1v1, is it in a team? Or rather, are you trolling me? with all due respect that deck is awful


It is a 1v1 deck, and works well.

honestly is a super bad deck for 1vs1 , whats ur elo ?


Does not even matter, all the pros put Spain in A list, so it is a good civ, and need no rework at all, much less a “full rework from 0”.

Dude, just search up pro Spain decks.

Spain need a rework, is totally true, only 1 use: FF take falcs and pray for victory. U need a nice micro, spain use many variety of troops, and is expert in cac… and cac sucks…

The spanish decks effective for 1vs1 are very different.

The pros can use Spain, possible tier A, but not bad a good rework or some buffs for team games and viables strategies in age II.


I currently only play Spain (1400 elo) and I agree it is very underpowered and limited with options, it’s rush actually stinks due to no quartermaster and the Logistician stinks because it’s too slow.
Maybe it would be viable if it still did the 400 extra resources for age1 shipments but it made all shipments arrive faster.
And yes, if you lose your falcs it’s GG 99% of the time as there’s no chance to recover.
The FI doesn’t seem to be viable anymore because you have to research veteran (200w 200c) before guard upgrades and wait for them all to research.
I’m at the point I’m almost ready to quit this game because they haven’t buffed Spain and haven’t sufficiently nerfed Sweden and Japan.
And btw, what good are Mayan spearmen in Age2? They’re pretty much awful and counter cavalry like Spain other 3 colonial age shipments.


Most of the top civs have versatility and is partly why they are so strong. Brits French Germany dutch inca Japan Sweden Aztec india china* are strong civ which each have a variety of viable opening and timings and strategies to implement in land. This fact forces scouting to properly respond to these civs plans.

Spain CAN play age 2 land, but without a tp line Spain CANNOT sit in age 2 like ALL of the civs mentioned above CAN and be VIABLE.

Spain having to ff makes it predictable or semi ff puts Spain on a timer which is also predictable.

If the change to the 900f age up gave 2 pikes upon age up and 20% wood discount on arachiac units the semi ff timer would becone fuzzy and give Spain some unpredictable timing.

With efficient arachiac units you can make a decent age 2 deck that could keep a thumb on a brit/sweden/japan/inca boom then age to fortress for a strong timing with multiple shipments.