🇪🇸 Spain - hero explorer skins. Opinions? 🇪🇸

All challenges have been locked and with them, final skin for the Spanish hero.

Any thoughts? I think they look pretty solid, definitely toned down and more grounded and people that were fussy about cosmonaut or Unlcle Sam should be satisfied, but I think the second one (villager) is a bit… boring and unimaginative?
Especially for such a core civ for AoE III and prolly the biggest symbol of expansion, discovery, colonization etc.

Hero explorer should be that - a special hero and I don’t think Spain suffers from a shortage of possibilities. While default skin can fall into that category, I’d be happy to see a variation of a conquistador (why not on a horse like war chief, for example?), even more- some kind of a cardinal, inquisitor or a wealthy merchant.
And even better- captain of a warship in Spanish armada. That would fit the setting and nature of this civ perfectly.
A bit of a missed opportunity.

Still- cool new free skins, highly appreciated. Thanks, devs!

ed: descriptions for anyone interested.


I like them, nice to see some female explorers.


love it. can’t wait to see some new explorer skins for each civ


I’m pretty sure we are getting more skins and customizations once it is enabled for all civs, maybe the second round will be even better.


I wonder if there will be support for fan-made explorers. There are plenty of campaign characters that can be pulled in and even more treasure guardians and random units that would make for cool explorers.


Cool to have female explorers.

But although I’m a quarter andalusian, I’m tired of see flamenco representing whole spain. I would have liked the third skin as a guerilla leader from the war against France, widening the spain theme besides early colonization and conquistadores.


Evil robber beats female explorer, what happens next?

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Why are they black? Spanish people are white.


The villager is an AoE2 reference. AoE2 Spanish villagers are extremely strong after researching their supremacy tech.

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It might be, and as nice referencing other games is, I don’t think it justifies a plain skin like that one. It’s totally non-offensive, but these skins, as the hero himself, ought to be special and fancy. And having just a villager is probably too far on the other side of the spectrum with a guy in a spacesuit.

Played a couple of games and as nice as a bayonet on flamenco lady is, I think I’ll stick to a default one.

Aztec and Inca are probably my fav so far. Mexico struck a good balance between their and US approach.


I’ll be honest. I don’t like them at all and I’m surprised at the popularity.

  1. A flamenco dancer is ridiculous and didn’t lead troops
  2. The villager is too generic

If they wanted a female explorer they could’ve had one of those female conquistadors, or a Spanish guerilla fighter a la Sharpe’s wife during the Peninsular War. Though neither skin is as bad as the astronaut and Uncle Sam.

Spain has such a rich history with many unique characters in all walks of life. Something better than these could’ve been found.



Yeah there’s that, but personally I think I decided to let it slide. The upbeat spring event, flowers etc. if they want to add two females it’s OK I guess.
Yes females make up half of our species, but these are games grounded in history and I don’t see too much value in potential attempts to bring 50-50 equilibrium in the representations of genders when it comes to hero explorers.
Exploration and especially warfare was almost completely dominated by men and it would be hard to find too many spheres of life orbiting around subjects of political intrigue, conquest and warfare where we could find any long-term presence of ladies (on the ground!).

It’s much, much more suitable for games like Civilization or ANNO, where there’s no shortage of good picks for politicians and leaders that come from Venus.
Exploring harsh wilderness, killing wild animals, getting blown up by cannons… It’s probably not the best hill to fight for the correction of the underrepresentation of females. Not that there was such a thing when it comes to the conquest of the New World and warfare in the late stage of medieval times and enlightenment.

And all that aside my previous points still stand. If we have to stick to the more believable, normal characters we could go for some Spanish royal huntress. I’ve never read about it, but I imagine Spanish royalty, just like any other in Europe, was enjoying entertainment in the form of royal hunting trips.

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I think the new skins is just to meant to be fun, not historically correct.

I would even like a super capivara explorer with a musket. Sounds good to me. Microsoft hire me, i have other ideas.

OBS: We need a way to get old events skins.


‘Fun’ and ‘historically correct’ do not contradict each other, they are completely separate concepts.

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Apparently women are historically inaccurate. You guys take things WAAAAAAY too seriously. It’s just a game remember that.


Who said that, can you quote?

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i like the second more than the third :slight_smile: it looks more rugged and rough with the lace fabric dress etc … the third looks a bit to clean for me… but im happy with all new spanish explorer skins

hm nobody forces people to select a female skin, but its a nice option to have. During the last event (where you could unlock female profile icons etc.) i asked some of my female friends, if such things motivate them to try out a game/ stay at the game/ feel more represented etc. and they all agreed that it is a big plus point… One of them even bought the game now on sale. My only problem with the last event was, that its a temporary thing and not in the base icon set. But back to the explorer skins: no worry, there will be many more historical skins, just look at the empty space in the selection menu :smiley:


I also would expect an explorer to look more like Amelia Black and less like a flamenco dancer. A lot of these choices have left me confused - why are they going with these instead of explorer or frontier themed characters?


Men or female doesn’t matter. I never said anywhere that it’s an issue. If I see any, besides mentioned plain/unimaginative ‘settler’ skin which again is more like a wasted potential, especially for an iconic civ like Spanish Empire in that age, is just ‘out of place factor’ for some of the choices, like here a flamenco dancer.

History is one of the pillars for the entire series and straying from it works against the essence of this game. Vast majority of people don’t play multiplayer just stick to solo content, and for them tone, atmosphere and content is very important.
Somebody can not care about that, I do and there’s no reason to explain or defend this position, especially since historical accuracy seemed to be a driving factor during the creation of all these games.

Diluting that playful but grounded essence doesn’t make an RTS game more widely appealing. If anything it might hurt the tone and atmosphere that care about these things.
There’s a lot of fun in history especially during that crazy period. It’s possible to create something believable and not out of place, without going to bizarre obscurities.

Having a dancer in dress as a fighting explorer doesn’t make any sense on any level. It might be interesting, it’s part of Spanish culture, it’s a real historical thing that still exists but it leaves just a weird feeling.

Just because that dancer is a lady is just a cherry on top. I’d say the same thing if that was a torero - matador skin.
You can squeeze some clan leaders, warrior priests, frontierme- ups ‘frontier humans’ (I don’t want to be sexist :slight_smile: ) into that role. But artistic performers? It’s ok but it would be perfect in a game like idk… Tropico, where hero is more like a celebrity and a manager.
Here explorers reflect very specific roles in a game that is 80% focused on combat and 20% focused on the economy.

If a hero explorer doesn’t have to be related to anything in the subject and nature of that role, just be loosely attached to a certain civ/culture group… Half-jokingly we could ask how many steps afar we are from adding Batman US hero.
Hey maybe William Wallace AoE2 campaign could use Pickle Rick pet :smiley:
I guess kids like it, so why not? It’s fun. You don’t have to use it.

AoE IV paid less attention to giving its historical coating and tone of the game more character, uniqueness, and refinements than it shows. To be very gentle- people are not getting historical tattoos after being blown away by the presentation of that story and historical figures.
History is great and there are extremely few RTS games out there that utilize it in any semi-interesting way. Games are also teaching tools and having new heroes would be a great way to introduce people to some great historical figures, that are worth remembering and celebrating.

Interesting historical skin and few lines of bio text could do miracles and convince someone to read more about a certain person.
Well… somebody can start learning flamenco too, I guess.