Spain Upgrade and Italy Repair

Ordnance isn’t too bad. Problem beeing the wood cost for both. And Landwehr is actually a decent unit, would profit from beeing zouav’ed by tags though since it has to compete with the needle rifle though it and is a wood unit it just doesn’t make the opportunity cost in pop or ressources.

Es que el landwehr no tiene sentido, ¿para que sirve un escaramuzador qué cuesta madera con alemania? Y que es mucho peor al escaramuzador alemán. Con España podría tener más sentido si buscas hacer un ff de piqueros y ballesteros, y gastar las minas de oro en artillería

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landwehr are decent on low gold maps where you can pressure age2 and use the landwehr card and inf10 xbow shipment to spam them which works with germany early eco boosts. Very solid card in 2v2s to give option of age2 pressure. also with tilly’s disicple these things at 5.2 speed (plus drummers) are amazing little zerglings to back up your 6.5 pikes. This isnt optimal most the time, but its there (note the avg aoe3 player is incapable of understanding niche doesn’t mean bad)

For ports, the ordenanca also give you a late game option and are solid off the back of a FI. 2k food for guard pikes and riflemen isnt a bad deal at all. Usually port prefers to fight early or FI into other stuff but with ports great eco spamming the shit out of guard xbow/pikes effectively isnt bad and a great way to tempo shift out of a low coin age3 into age4. again, niche

These civs have great options as is but landwehr and ordenanca are niche and not always optimal but a nice way to switch things up and actually solid in the right circumstances. However, people in aoe3 tend to be of the mindset “if I cant use it regardless of circumstance its trash af” so you will rarely see these used. But when they are used, dont get pissy if suddenly germany is nuking you in age3 with landwehr (worse vs goon but better vs HI) or a port cow boom turns into 100s of little guard bois ruining your day

and to be back on topic, this is the sort of level something like a spanish eq should be- niche to a solid civ but fun and occasionally optimal. niche and variety is the spice of life people.


The idea behind this unit is:

  • It is affected by arsenal improvements that in principle improve firearms.
  • You save the veteran upgrade for the crossbowman.
  • It is a unit that fights better against heavy infantry than the crossbowman despite reducing the bonus a little, since it is compensated with arsenal improvements

In addition to this, it converts the infinite sending of crossbowmen into an infinite sending of landwehr, and generates very good inertia if you control many TP. Although I agree that it should cost coins instead of wood, but increasing the proportion of food and reducing the proportion of coins.

Si costara monedas no tendría ningún sentido, para eso ya tienes al escaramuzador normal, y no tienes que gastar una carta para obtenerlo. Por eso casi nunca se usa, es sólo una mejora para el pica /ballesta, y se ve feo, porque le da un compañero con skin del siglo 19 a un piquero del siglo 16.

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Por eso digo que con España tendría mucha más sinergia. España tendría que tener una carta similar a landwehr qué te diera arcabuceros. Se complementaria bien con “casa de trastamara” y con “Reconquista”.


I believe that Italians civ should get an Age Up mechanic similar to what USA and Mexicans civs have - “Federal State Age Up”. Some Home City cards present in Italians civ could be moved to their respective “States” - by the way, it would be possible to add additional content (units, technologies and even buildings) for some Italian “States” options.