Spanish (Spain) support for Age of Empires II: DE

Hey Age fans!

Age of Empires II: DE has been live for nearly two weeks, and the love and support coming from the community has blown us away. We’ve also heard from a lot of community members who have had difficulties or suggestions for how to make the game better, and to you we want to say: We’re listening.

We’re committed to long-term support for Age of Empires II DE, and we will continue finding new ways to improve the experience based on feedback from the community.

Spanish (Spain) VO is coming!
For example: Spanish (Spain) had been mistakenly listed as a fully supported language during the Age II DE beta. This error was corrected prior to launch to more accurately reflect the game’s supported languages. However, based on your feedback, we are pleased to announce that we will soon add Spanish (Spain) as a fully-supported language, now including voiceover for every line of dialogue!

How long will it take?
This change won’t happen overnight; we’re committed to maintaining the quality of every aspect of Age II DE, and it will take time to get this right.

That’s why we plan to release this VO in two stages: First, we will release VO support for the El Cid campaign, which takes place in Spain itself, in December 2019. The rest of the VO will be available sometime next year.

And don’t think for a minute that this will slow us down on other updates the community’s been asking for. Server stability, lobby improvements, balance changes—it’s all on its way! Stay tuned to for the latest info.

We appreciate your dedication and support, and we want you to know we’re listening to find new ways to make Age II DE the best RTS experience for the best RTS community in the world.


As an latin america player I say thank you for notice us!

But I’m interested to know this: Will we also be getting a improved dubbing for latin america spanish?

I explained and pointed out a lot of reasons why the latin america narration was not good.
I hope we (spanish speakers of any nationality) can get a great game experience without matter if we are from Spain or from the rest of the world! :smile:

Again: Thank you!


Thanks for your detailed input. We’re watching your thread, and every feedback/suggestion thread from our community, with interest.

Today we’re announcing the addition of Spanish (Spain) VO to the game, and we don’t have anything to share about re-recording existing VO at this time.


THANKS for giving us an answer, really, THANKS


Thank you very much (and please, don’t forget about the taunts, too). This, along with other examples, means that you are truly listening to the community. Cannot wait to hear the results, and only hope you are not putting some spanish youtubers for this job, as this would mean an awful quality VO as a result.

Thanks for this, and keep the great job you all are doing with this wonderful Definitive Edition!!


Well, as it is said: “Better late than never”. Thank you for not letting down the spanish speaking community. :smiley:


Well just saying that actually it’s not necessary to “re-record” the VO. Just changing it with the old-legacy will improve greatly the campaign experience for this language. Because it have a waaaay better narrative.

As for the new campaigns, there is sadly no other solution.

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And thanks to anybody who asked for this. We made it!

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Again i was hoping that they could fix my Multiplayer problem with this patch, but im still dropping out of the game. between 5-15mins.

“You have been disconnected from the network”.

now almost 2 weeks and i cant even play a good multiplayer match.

i hope u guys can fix this problem soon, otherwise ill ■■■■■ kms.

@BraPest when he told…

He was replying my question:

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As a promoter of the request in the Steam forum, I only can say thank you for listening to the Spanish community of Age of Empires. What a desire to play the campaigns with the Spanish voices, especially the El Cid campaign!



Muchísimas gracias desde Cartagena (España) :grin:


Ty developers, you have heard the spanish community request. This was totally necesary. Age of empires has been my favorite game from ever, but i couldn’t buy the game with this nonsense of situation with vo spanish lenguage. Now I can buy the game to show you my support with this decision. Congratulations to all spanish community. See you in game.


Thanks for the good news!!!



Es una gran noticia. ¡Gracias!


Thanks for the information, it is great news for the entire Spanish community, we were looking forward to it. Greetings, congratulations and thanks for the new Spanish dubbing in Spain.

Gracias por la información, es una gran noticia para toda la comunidad española, lo estabamos deseando con muchas ganas.
Un saludo, enhorabuena y agradecimientos por el nuevo doblaje en español de España

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One thing the original narration had was that the actors spoke making the accents even in spanish, william wallace campaign was narrated by a guy trying to sound like an actual scottish, and now the narration and dialog has better quality but it really lacks the geographic plus, that the accent achieves, listening just neutral spanish when the guy supposed to be talking it’s a mongol from 700 years ago it’s not the experience english players are having, english voices has little hints that the guy who talk belongs to that country.
You really have to consider to make a better quality control, because im playing the campaigns in english just to have the better actors


Don’t bother trying to do the Latin American accent, please, because it will be just time consuming and it’s better to have ONE language over two that are unfinished/not translated the right way.

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¿Por qué dices esto? El juego ya está localizado en español de España.

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