Spear bracing bug

Manual bracing (S or V hold ground) won’t block charges anymore after the update.



Repro here:

However, when I tried it with another civ (chinese), it worked. This may be an HRE specific bug.

@Keempf Did you try with HRE or a different civ?

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Was playing HRE as well.

Try to brace with V in the correct direction.
Didn’t work a single time for me.

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This is just plain unacceptable. Another bug that needs fixing asap. The HRE is Z-tier now (was D or F before). And apparently Delhi Spearmen do not brace as well. This is just amazing. If one of the core counter abilities does not work for some civs, these civs are literally unplayable. This is crazy and needs to be fixed now and not tomorrow. I feel like Relic thinks they are untouchable and can do whatever they want. But in fact they are only successful in alienating the majority of the player base. They kill all the hype and only fuel frustration. This patch contained stuff that should have been in a day one patch as it mostly adresses beta feedback (but only 1-5% of it…). It ignored most of the newer balance issues (they actually made the springald meta even stronger) or straight up ruined strats that were only a week old (Delhi sacred site rush). It’s so weird. They picked up on an old issue (Horsemen seemed goated in stress test… That’s probably why they nerfed them. Due to some faulty data from the stress test. Anything else makes even less sense) and nerfed an unit that was not considered overpowered by anyone. Most people actually considered them to be too weak.

In regards of this bug here: HRE is completely unplayable. Delhi ofc as well and they seem to have other issues with their late game research times as well. And who knows what else will be found out.

The Prelate still bugs out, as bumping into him was only one of the issues to activate this bug it seems.

I actually wanted to play a little bit now. But as a HRE main I just don’t wanna anymore. Spearmen not bracing is unacceptable. Yesterday I was disappointed, today I am just frustrated and actually angry. AoE 4 is an open beta and I am starting to feel more and more insulted by that. This patch literally ruined two civs and introduced other game breaking bugs. Their QA must be plain terrible or they just do not know how to test a RTS game. Bunch of wood league players it seems. ■■■■■■■■, I don’t wanna be that guy, but I am. I am pissed off.

I’m sure this bug exists as I’ve seen others complain but this video does not demonstrate it.

You don’t have stand ground activated in this video. Your stand ground button the yellow bar would be slid to the right if it was activated.

Having said that though idle spearmen are meant to automatically brace against cavalry charges. So it’s weird that doesn’t happen. See this for reference.

EDITED because I made mistake at first.

Hey, look on the bright side - Abassid Spearmen are now SSS+ tier.

Yeah, the bright sides on this patch are actually pitch black. I do like some or even most of the changes, but I also hate quite a lot of them and cannot comprehend them. But the fact that this game is still broken and in new and terrible ways, just beats me. This just ruins everything. This game needs so much help and fast. It should have never been released. The first thing I wrote into the stress test survey was: “Postpone the game, it is not release ready!” SC2 had at least a 6 months beta phase and it was great for the game. AoE 4 had two measly weekends. What did I actually expect?

I bet next to none of the game pass owners will actually buy the game. At least nobody who is up to date on the mess this game poses again and again.


Spearmen that aren’t bugged brace in most situations now:
When idle.
When attacking.
And when standing ground and facing the wrong way.

Stand ground is the worst thing you can do to your spearmen because if you exceed the 5° facing angle with your positioning, you will not brace.

But HRE are definitely broken. China definitely working.
Unsure about other civs.


Heard it’s delhi too

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I tested it ingame and Grubby did it on stream too.

The bracing doesnt work for HRE and Dehli at the moment.

HRE and Dehli getting the short side of the stick -.- …

HRE isnt inspired well and is missing some or one more special unit but its useless now cause HRE should have a “better” Spearman.

I want that my hommates are competetiv viable … PLS

PS: This isnt a simple rant. Im haveing over 150 games with HRE

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I had Grubby testing it. Here are two clips:

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Yeah I realise that it’s just the OP was complaining about stand ground brace not working.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention all—we’re looking into it!


I’ve noticed it playing as HRE and then tested it to compare with english and french pikes.
HRE pikemen simply don’t brace to hold knight charged attack, like english or french do, either using attack-move or stand ground. I don’t know about other civs, just tested those 3.