Spearman with different polearms

Are spearman from different civs supposed to have different style polearms? Ive always noticed this so i got a screenshot where for a brief moment some French spearman had what ive figured out to be a voulge-guisarme a sorta pole axe style weapon. Has their been a bug or something since launch?
Age of Empires IV Screenshot 2023.02.20 -


Yes, there are 4 different types of spearman spears if I recall correctly–Chinese, Mongolian, French and the rest.

There is a very silly bug that has been reported multiple times and which should be extremely easy to fix (we’re talking about 5 mins of work). The bug basically is that the units of French, Chinese and Mongols only reveal their true weapons when they are charging.

The fix is just swapping their default weapons back to their original. This shouldn’t require messing with animations or anything that would break things, it should be as simple as changing a static mesh of the weapons they are holding. Despite how easy this would fix and how much it adds to the unit’s personality and identity, it is deemed unimportant and quoting a developer “will likely not be fixed soon”.

It sounds like they don’t have an art team on AoE4 anymore, or at least one that isn’t only working on DLC.

Here is a post by Ahioz9426 AOE4 model BUG collection (latest complete version) covering many visual bugs that have still going untouched.


This is really a very stupid design, and I did submit the flashing bug of the spear model.
Why leave such a ridiculous visual BUG aside for so long? (Especially it’s very easy to be fixed)

What I can’t understand is that this is a problem that I can fix with a simple tuning pack, and they have delayed for so long.
I love this game very much, but I have to say that I’m a little annoyed about it.

All I want is this bug can be fixed quickly, and every civ should have historical spear model.

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