Spec delay

Quite often on closed maps or nomad, on second minute you see spectator are people watching their own game on 2nd pc/monitor? Even watching replays where people ping enemy tc-s in fog of war.
Make spec delay 15min or something so sneak vils or surprise attacks can have more value.


Totally agree with this idea. Every now and then especially when the opponent name is Aisan Char, there would be spectator and they can ping your TCs and Dock in fog of war. I have stop playing nomad until this cheat is fixed

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Sure, lets buy another computer and put it right next to the screen and don’t forget to buy another copy of the game or use game pass to spec cheat in a 1100 tg game…

It might be something to worry about high level games, but for low elo matches and even intermediate it makes no sense to invest that much, also you need a lot of micro and attention to read other screen.

I guess instead of such investment a cheater would buy the cheats for 30 usd without needing another pc or game copy, i mean cheaters are way smarter than using spec cheat on daily games.

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But why are people even watching these elo games? Why they pinging fog of war etc.
It would take me no effort to power up my laptop and watch the game, . So it wouldnt be an investment at all, just few seconds of work.

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I am sorry but is it too hard to do it? I find it is quite simple

Just to clear up the general question about whether it is happening…

Yes. it is happening, usually people don’t realize the advantage they’re getting.
– Streamers will have ten people watching, one or more of those ten will pull up the game to spectate and they’ll toss in the odd comment like “don’t worry too much though, he doesn’t have any eco to back this up because he went all in.” Which you should have to scout for, but your scout died and you didn’t spend the wood on a stable and the food on a scout… so unfair advantage. “he didn’t even get the relic over there” “haha you’re done for, he’s sneaking a vill!” which knowing three minutes late is still sometimes enough to know to at least start looking.

– a guy starts a game, his friend boots up 10 minutes later. they connect on discord, he speeds through the game since he’s waiting anyways and watches things unfold, getting overall perspective and perhaps valuable info about second bases, how many TC’s he has had for how long, etc.

Both of these things happen, it is usually connected with discord or streaming rather than one person with two setups. Is it a ginormous advantage? not really. It may get the guy placed 50 or 100 elo higher, but then he’s going to land where he’s having fair games with his unfair advantage because he is playing players who are simply better than him anyways.

Not saying definitive answer one way or the other as to what should be done, just responding to the people who don’t seem to believe it is happening with any sort of regularity. It is quite common, not even looking at other countries or anything. it’s happening here and you can easily find and watch people doing it, and may have even done it yourself without realizing it’s what you’re doing if you have friends you play with on discord.

I come here with actual experience doing the things you describe and have explored them extensively. On numerous occasions I’ve attempted to spectate a Ranked team game and provide overwatch details to my friends in the game over Discord. I hate to break it to you, ladies and gentlemen, this little phenomenon that you guys are deliberating and how it gives a game-breaking advantage has little to no basis in truth.

Let’s get a few things out of the way first.

  • I am not contesting the suspicions you all have that this type of thing occurs. IT DOES. Just not as often, and not with the success rate you think it does.

  • I’ll attempt to explain why this doesn’t work from my own experiences.

  • Because these are conclusions derived from my own experience, I encourage you all to try this out for yourselves to verify my claims. Better yet, find a way to make it work in your favor, and prove me wrong.

Conditions of the experiment are as follows:

2-4 friends are partied together and queue for a Ranked Team RM game, while one player(Overwatch) spectates the game immediately after the game starts. All players are on discord and are in constant communication via voice comm. The time delay between spectator and the Live action is 180 seconds.


  1. Information that you can gather with 100% reliability:
  • A detailed overview of the entire map, resource locations
  • The positions of your enemies and their civilizations
  • The actions of the enemy as they happened 180 seconds ago.
  1. Information gathered that could potentially be used to predict future enemy actions:
  • Build orders used
  • Age up times
  • Buildings that are immediately constructed upon reaching feudal
  • Enemy population at key points in time
  • Town Center counts
  • Whether or not the enemy generally knows what they’re doing
  • Army composition
  1. Information you’d think would help, but doesn’t, because of the time delay.
  • Troop movements
  • Ability to anticipate when or where the enemy will attack

Conclusions: Of the 8 games we attempted to get this to work, we managed to win 5 of them.

  • There was no way to determine if any of the delayed information given had an important role in the outcome of the game.

  • In section 2, the info was gathered and used in an attempt to predict the enemy’s actions. Our success rate on this was a hit or miss because often times they would change tactics in that 180 second delay, thus making any preparations made in anticipation of their actions ended up being a wasted effort. In some situations, it likely had a negative effect because the player could not re-adjust quickly enough to adapt to the abrupt change in tactics because they had already spent the resources preparing for something else.

  • There was no way to gain any significant advantage that would consistently alter the outcome of the game in our favor. Too much can change within those 3 minutes and by the time we made those enemy observations, the intel was no longer actionable because of the fluidity of battlefield circumstances.

To wrap up, I say again, try it yourself and prove it first before calling for unnecessary changes to the game. Going off of speculation is a poorly thought out method for introducing proposals.

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They ping the fog of war to coordinate their scouts in dark age, or their feudal attacks prior to building the market. That’s the only way you can do it, is by flaring in the dark so your ally can follow the marks to meet up with you. You can tell who the person is that issued the flare by paying attention to the color that it blinks to on the mini-map.

I agree with what @DMgCrowley say. Lets switch on another laptop next to the computer and use this assisting tools together in our team game nomad match to get the Vietnamese team bonus for free

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I think you test many things but in a wrong way. I try it with nomad 4v4 team game and go for Burgundians Cavalier rush to melt opponent TC without any vision works very great. Surely you need to avoid your opponent know what you are going for by the vision advantage and I cannot see you have done any of it from what you have mentioned. If you go for bloom with this tools it is definately cannot get much advantage on it.

I really love the idea that everytime I raise this issue in nomad team game 4v4 fog of war TC location, other people will mention APM, opponent build, lose to spectator game cry more, no one gonna use this cheat don’t be ego inflation. All are wrong focus. The problem is having a free Vietnamese team bonus while opponent have no idea you have this bonus. In nomad game even though you hide perfectly and with both Portuguese and Vietnamese in your team and you 100% sure no one know where you TC (and it really no one know via replay vision) and ready to go for some strategy, 14 knight with 2+2 PA come and eat all your TC and they ping fog of war in the replay. I am not even from Asia and I have no idea why I always encounter those asian char name Team. After that I try the same strategy and it does work and thus I stop playing nomad since it give a large asymmetry advantage and your opponent have no idea to know (as long as your player name is not with asia char) and don’t forget to taunt your opponent by saying “someone spec me because I am too good. No one is ghosting your via spec dude”