Speculation: "Age of Empires 4 : World War II"


Yeah you maybe right but AoE in world war eras 1900-1945 is a great deal.

AoE IV has to offer something a new Era they already worked a alot on medival eras in Previous franchises. It will be a great deal if AoE IV comes up with titles like AoE IV;- Worrld Wars anD after that AoE;- Medival Wars.


Ahhhhhh Yeah sure. I am sure you have some good points in there.


You forgot ancient era.


MS forgets pre-historical area. Would be fantastic material for a AOE like game.


Paleolithic or Neolithic?


Until Neolithic. With a little mix of Jurassic to spice it up with some heavy artillery. Mammoths instead of elephants and so on. Usage of wooden traps, first for food and later for defense. Enough to think of and to explore. Age Of Empires Prehistorical Edition. :slight_smile:


Mezozoic (Cretaceous , Jurassic , Triassic) + Neogene.


I think you get the picture. The reason why going back further would be logic is the fact we know more about those ages than ever before. Also edutainment is a great part of AOE, so this could be fantastic material for some kind of spin-off imho. It could learn people about climate changes. :wink:


No one wants WW2, AoE fanbase is from classical pre to feudal colonialism. Even mithology would have more acceptance.