Speculation: "Age of Empires 4 : World War II"


Yeah you maybe right but AoE in world war eras 1900-1945 is a great deal.

AoE IV has to offer something a new Era they already worked a alot on medival eras in Previous franchises. It will be a great deal if AoE IV comes up with titles like AoE IV;- Worrld Wars anD after that AoE;- Medival Wars.


Ahhhhhh Yeah sure. I am sure you have some good points in there.


You forgot ancient era.


MS forgets pre-historical area. Would be fantastic material for a AOE like game.


Paleolithic or Neolithic?


Until Neolithic. With a little mix of Jurassic to spice it up with some heavy artillery. Mammoths instead of elephants and so on. Usage of wooden traps, first for food and later for defense. Enough to think of and to explore. Age Of Empires Prehistorical Edition. :slight_smile:


Mezozoic (Cretaceous , Jurassic , Triassic) + Neogene.


I think you get the picture. The reason why going back further would be logic is the fact we know more about those ages than ever before. Also edutainment is a great part of AOE, so this could be fantastic material for some kind of spin-off imho. It could learn people about climate changes. :wink:


No one wants WW2, AoE fanbase is from classical pre to feudal colonialism. Even mithology would have more acceptance.


I like your enthusiasm but if I wanted to play a world war II strategy game I’d be playing Company of Heroes or any other RTS with this time period. No we need a classical or medieval game, specifically with Age of Empires.


First of all. Holy crap, you must have spent a while writing all of that.
I would not mind having a Company of Heroes styled AoE, and with Relic its a high possibility many new different mechanisms wil be added for projectile accuracy whatever. As we have seen Age of Empires goes from the stoe age to the industrial revolution, the only logical step is to go into the 1900s +. Sticking to a WW1/2 type game play would be pretty good, and offers a great amount of campaigns the developers can make.


Yes, but those are not the only countries. Also USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Indonesia, India, China and maybe some others. But the civilization list will have a variety of great and unique cultures to play as, each with their different units whatever


I like this one much more. So you could go back a little bit further. It gives complete new game play possibilities while still ending up to all different kinds of massive battles. The game fluidly changes it content when you change your starting age and you can also limit end age. But no modern era please, maybe if peace ever comes. Although I doubt that one.


It seems that AoE IV development stages were leaked by certain staff with AoE’s own team.


I think that Relic wants to make a game with relics in it. Therefore i expect them to make a game that is based in the same time as aoe2 (medieval). The most important thing in my opinion is that they make the civs very different but well balanced. A little bit like starcraft, which has terran, protos and zerg, which are totally different. The bigger the differences between nations the better.


Huh? I don’t think I understand.


If they are paying attention, they will do just that. AoEO did this wonderfully. The civs are distinctive with their own feel and unique units and techs but also similar enough you can jump around easily.


Problem with Starcraft 2 is that the game is not balanced in team games, a 4v4 for example is an absolute mess, the game was made solely for 1v1.
AoE on the other hand shines in team games as well.


I’m not against a AoEIV set in the modern era (Empires are still around today, ■■■■ even the US, Russia and China are today’s three biggest, unofficially of course). As long as the developers are going to be competent, and it feels, looks (So Stylized Realism like AoE, AoE2, and AoM instead of the cartoony AoEO or AoECS, or the muddy graphics of AoE3, or the worse art choice yet: overdetail as in the case of AoEDE), and plays like AoE (Mix the best of AoE3, AoM, and a dash of AoE2) then I’ll definitely like and play it, however I don’t see RE succeeding at all, since they are a Squad-focused RTS team, not general RTS team.

On topic however, this fan concept, wouldn’t work, it does not scream “Age of Empires” at all, more like an AoE rip-off.


I am also French and I love what you did. We are all waiting for information on the game although we will first have to wait for the final 2 and 3 edition, which I hope will come out next year. Then I totally agree on the modern era (WW1 and WW2 and the Cold War) because it was the wish of the devs (Ensemble Studios). You have a very good assumption that seems logical and possible. However, could you tell me why you say that France and Poland are “free”?