Speculation: "Age of Empires 4 : World War II"

The modern times are the wrong setting, although it would be chronologically logical. With WW1 fighting has changed to scouting, airplanes and soldiers in Squads instead of big armies. There are good RTS implementing mechanics for this kind of warfare and AoE4 shouldn’t try to adopt them just because they want to be placed in modern times.
On the other hand it’s hard to have modern times without this mechanics. For example: How should hundred simple soldiers kill a tank without having alternative attacks like grenades or bazookas?

So I really hope they locate it before WW1 combining a new setting with the mechanics we love AoE for <3

Prehistorical times would be cool :slight_smile:


You mean like The Neanderthals? :wink:


Why not^^ was a funny idea.
I’d be cool with any other time before WW1 but this would be something really new for RTS. Maybe it wouldn’t work, but maybe it would

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First of all great topic and post! Secondly I don’t think I want to see a world war II time period in a Age of Empire game, because to me it’s always been about Ancient time’s & Medieval area and changing this would feel so weird to me. Besides we already have a bunch of RTS games which take place in world war II and I miss the other time periods.

But if we were to get an Age of Empire’s game set in World war II, I’d like to see far more countries at launch or added over time, that actually did stuff in World war II, countries that almost never get some attention whom I think they should because they contributed to things in the war.

One example would be Greece for such a small country, they managed to destroy the Italian army led by Mussolini (Greco-italian war) and stop his “New Roman Empire” mind set & also managed to interrupt the Germans by two months before they finally conquered the island of Crete and the Greeks gave up.

The Germans wanted to control Greece because of good view over the Aegean sea which would allow Germany to detect and control far more for their purpose.

This of course forced Germany to change their plans for attacking Russia, so this also gave Russia time to prepare for incoming attack from Germany.

I know we can’t get all of the countries involved of course but I think it’s time they at least tried to give people a bigger picture of what actually happened in WW2 other than the big countries like Japan, America, Russia & Germany.

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I really hope that it happens!

Been thinking a little more on the whole “what era AOE 4 will go into” thing. Ultimately, I don’t think it will matter all -too- much what era it goes into, even if it’s WW2, with the caveat that the theme of the game not be the second world war itself. Which is to say, reflect the technologies and military units of the time, but don’t make the game a “WW2 game” any more than AOE 2 was specifically a game about the Hundred Years War, the Scottish rebellions or Joan of Arc (beyond it’s campaigns, which were never the core focus of the game).


Hmm, i just rewatched the trailer, and it talks about going through history, and ends with “Now… A new age is upon us”. I think this supports the idea of moving into World War 1/2. And it entirely possibly to play the game like you would with any other. Make villagers, collect resources, make an army and win. And one thing that this would be very great in is campaign mode. There would be allot of campaigns to complete, which would be fun. Combining the villager/unit system with tactical machines from Company of Heroes would make a great game imo


I don’t like WW 1/2. But it’s possible to get that age. I think Relic and Microsoft thought about it and they know that fans will not like the idea too. So they decided to remaster all old games and bring WW 1/2.


I’ve thought of that as well. With all the remasterings of the previous titles we actually get a ‘new’ game for each of those periods again. It would be a little weird if they revisited one of them just after those releases. But who knows…


I wonder how they would deal with flying units

Flying units would be awful.


Actually if we will get WW1/2 I would like to see flying units too.

here is the thing, their announcement trailer for aoe 4 back in 2017 seemed to showcase the medieval ages, unless that trailer has nothing to do with the game content

although i prefer medieval ages, I’m interested in a WW2 aoe game, as long as it doesn’t have OP canons like aoe 3 had where you can shoot targets across the map.

The trailer just shows the artworks from the previous games in the series (mostly from AoE3).

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yeah sorry i totally forgot about how the trailer went

I really enjoy all the fantastic ideas put forward from fans ,and how people are speculating AoE IV might be set in the world’s wars. With Relic’s influence now in the upcoming game it’s easy to consider that, however let’s all face the truth that the Company of heroes franchise has already created an amazing 2 games, and a community with tons of content that already cauptred the epic battles of that era. What I’m hoping is that Microsoft is going to get back to its roots and try something new. :nerd_face:

If we’re going to have AoE IV set in the modern era, I would prefer a broader variety of cultures than what the OP listed (which are all European or Euro-derived except for Japan). This would be my selection:


  • UK
  • Germany
  • Russia
  • Italy

East Asia

  • China
  • Japan
  • Vietnam

West Asia

  • Iran
  • Turkey
  • Saudi Arabia (could stand in for all the Arabic-speaking nations)
  • India
  • Israel


  • South Africa
  • Nigeria
  • Ethiopia


  • USA
  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Canada
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I think I speak for the vast majority of AoE fans when I say: NO THANK YOU.

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I think we should really go onwards in time with AoE.
But to be honest I have to agree with some people in here. Not because I think tanks and machine guns would not be fitting to AoE. (change is good, but change it right) I would be more concerned about how we would jump through two far too different time epooches. It just feels for me like there are two different Games in one with two completely different mechanics and strategies I don’t know how you can make that fit together in a RTS. WWI just marked the beginning of the modern war. And WW II was the first real modern war.

WW I would be a good cut to stop in AoE IV. This is when warfare and the world changed forever. The first tanks and planes were developed back then (would be a nice unit for the final Age in AoE IV). We could still use the cavalry we all love one more time. And we won’t have excessive use of full automatic Guns. They were rather rare in this time. So this sounds better to me than just jumping overhead into WW II.

Better Start in the thirties and handle WW II in AoE5. This is when we can use Tanks in larger scales as well as fully automatic weapons and larger amount of Planes. Also we could Introduce submarines (I know there were first ones in WWI too). Also we can Progress from this period of time nearly into the present. These the Vietnam War and the Gulf War.

I think if you split the epoches up into two Games AoE IV and V, it would be much easier to develop a good game concept. Also the periods of time would be much more fitting together this way. But this is just my personal opinion. Let me know what you think about my idea.

I hope i didn’t lose myself in this post and you were able to follow me. And please excuse some grammatical mistakes. I am from Germany so sometimes I mix in our own grammar when speaking or writing english.

I agree Im not a fan of flying units but in those time periods I don’t see how they couldn’t add them?