Speculation Of North American Civilizations

This post is more a tribute than a serious anticipation. This post exists more than anything for fun, maybe it could serve as inspiration for a future mod. I have already made other posts about American civilizations and in all of them a series of concepts are introduced to be taken up again here.

This aren´t unique units, but only are shared with other american civs.
-Slinger: Fast shoot and move unit, but don´t deals much damage. This is shared with other American civs, not only from the north.
-Javelin Thrower: Replaces the crossbowmen and have bonus damage against ranged units. This is shared with other American civs, not only from the north.
-Axeman (Thanks for the suggestion): Replaces the Man-At-Arms, have less armor but more speed. This is shared with other American civs, not only from the north.
-Canoe: Cheap, fast and weak archer ship. This is shared with other American civs, not only from the north.
-Assault Canoe: Cheap, fast and weak melee ship effective against heavy ships. This is shared with other American civs, not only from the north.
-Tribal Rider: Cheap and fast cavalry with extra damage against siege units and ranged units.
-Tracker: Fast infantry run that can enter in stealth mode, but have poor stats in melee.


The truth is that this is the civilization with the most probability of entering among those that are in this post. Mainly due to the development that other towns in this area of the planet reached in comparison.

The Spanish expeditions who made contact with them found themselves in a declining civilization, once the most splendid in the region, now disappearing. The only ones who came to build true cities beyond northern Mexico. Known for building earthen pyramids or “sacred mountains” in the center of their cities. Cities built on the banks of the different veins of the Mississippi, the north American Mesopotamia.

They receive from the southern empires some important goods like corn to plant, but not some kind of writing, so the majority of their history, culture and knowledge are lost.

-Villagers +2 of damage and throw javelins to fight.
-Naval units moves 20% faster.
-Fishing ships can garrison one unit and build docks.
-Buildings -30% cost, but -30% of hit points (excepts palisade walls).
-Doesn’t have access to stone walls.
-All units 15% cheaper, but with 10% less hit points.

Villagers move and work 15% faster in the aura of a ceremonial mound.

-Ceremonial Mound: Replaces the temple, is more expensive but is a defensive structure.
-Dirt Platform: Mississippians can build a big elevation and walkable areas to climb. Any building can be placed on said platform to gain armor and range for their attacks. The Platform can only be destroyed by units that damage stone walls.

-Brave Raider: Infantry Melee runner, deals extra damage against infantry and their damage increase in +1 up to +3 when their “ardors bar” fills up in the middle of combat. In contra point have low armor.
-Cherokee Gunner: Fast gunner with more range.
-Creek Traker: Archer with a small probability to dodge projectiles.


-Sea Shell Pottery: Fishing boats produce gold equal to 5% of the food they deliver.
-Extended Naval Routes: Trade ships 20% fasters.
-River Irrigation: Farms -40% cost.
-Central Stratification: Town centers work 30% faster and can train priests.
-Atlatl (Shared with other American civs): Javelins +2 of damage, +1 range and x2 damage against cavalry.

To Age II
-Ocmulgee Land Pavilion: Nearby buildings gains more armor and have a pride aura 50% more powefull.
-Fort Of Angel Mounds: Small keep, shoot 3 javelins and acts as a gate in palisade wall.

To Age III
-Great Temple Of Ocmulgee: Acts as a ceremonial mound, but works 40% faster, provides a big line of sight and produces 50% more gold with a relic (only garrison one).
-Etowth Square: Acts as a town center but can trains two villagers at the same time and shoots 2 additional arrows.

To Age IV
-Cahokia Mound: Acts as a Keep, increase all damage actions in 1 if garrison a relic (that also produces gold).
-Emerald Mound Shrine: Supports 20 of population, is a resource deposit and can garrison up to 2 relics to produce gold but also food at the same time.

-Spearmen. Age I.
-Axe Man. Age II.
-Brave Ryder. Age III

Archery Range
-Creek Tracker. Age II
-Javelin Thrower. Age II
-Cherokee Gunner. Age IV

Due to the little that is known about the Mississippians, I thought that I would have to create the design of their flag based on what little there is, also I usually avoid the most modern representations, since they are very anachronistic, however I found this one on redit whose description convinced me.
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/vexillology/comments/k7veml/a_modern_cahokiamississippian_river_culture_flag/


This civilization is a set of ethnic groups united by a common culture, all of them settled between the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico. Perhaps some tribes are not strictly considered pueblo, but they help to give variety.

The Puebloans or “Indios Pueblo” is a very generic denomination created by the Spanish conquistadors to refer peoples that had managed to become sedentary in Aridoamerica, developing agriculture, similar religious rites and organization systems, more advanced technologies than their congeners and some of then shared a few gods.
Sometimes pure adobe, sometimes incorporating wood or reeds, everyone shared the building with adobe, that’s the most important visual characteristic and that extended to their fortifications. This is maybe the only civ of the post who can justify have stone walls or minimum adobe walls.
The Hopi are old ones who still exist today. In the past they know the Anasazi and build some cliff pueblos. Raramuri means “fast feet”, they are are famous runners in the sierra Tarahumara The Zuñi still living from agriculture and are famous for their creativity with silver and turquoise. The Yaqui rise up in the region of Sonora known as the Yaqui Valley, a place especially fertile and conducive, they also had a reputation for warriors for a long time. The Seris lives in the coast of Sonora, fishing and sailing based on “isla tiburón” (shark island). The Acoma are a proud people who jealously keep their traditions out of the eyes of outsiders, still persisting in their clifftop towns. Originally from Canada, since they came into contact with the Spanish, they learned to raise sheep and to work silver and precious stones; They also had renowned hunters. The Apache earned some infamy for being considered warlike raiders, although it cannot be denied that they adapted phenomenally to the introduction of the horse.

-Choosing a special stance on the villagers allow the possibility to raise buildings without spaces between.
-A building receives 5% of damage reduction per adjacent building (maximum 20%).
-Every building can garrison units and shoot arrows.
-Villagers -30% food cost.
-Villagers move 15% faster.
-Units gains +1/+1 armor near their buildings.
-Barracks, Archery Range, and Stable can connect their roofs to the murals as if they were one more wall and foot units can walk over there.


  • Kiva: Replaces the temple, provides a +2 of damage to nearby buildings an increase the unit training of nearby buildings in 10%.
    -Pit House: Subterranean building, isn’t visible for enemies than are adjacent or above, receive resources and functions as a normal house, but cannot attack when have garrisoned units.
    -Cliff Fortification: Can only be placed on cliff, had more hit pints than a tower and provide 5 of population. Every 2 minutes can “find” and animal to hunt nearby.


AGE UP MECHANIC (Tribal alliances)
To age up is necessary build a new town center and offering it to a tribe to ally with, each tribe provides unique benefits.

Age II
-Hopi Alliance: -8% cost on a building per adjacent building. Buildings +25% attack speed and towers, town centers and forts shoot an additional arrow.
-Raramuri Alliance: Villagers and foot units move 15% faster. Warchieft war cry provides to +1 of armor to units.
-Seri Alliance: Canoes 15% cheaper, fishing ships work 20% faster and Assault Canoes deals 20% more damage.

-Apache Alliance: Access to horse archer and warchiefts now use horses and all cavalry moves 15% faster.
-Zuñi: Every time a villager drops their resources in a building produces 2 of gold.
-Yaqui Alliance: All melee infantry units deal +1 of damage. Farms are 25% cheaper.

Age IV
-Acoma Alliance: Increase the hit points of all buildings in 20%, dancers have 30% more HP and heals 20% faster.
-Navajo Alliance: Now the archers and Handcannoneer can enter in stealth mode, also gains the Navajo hunters tech.

-Atlatl (Shared with other American civs): Javelins +2 of damage, +1 range and x2 damage against cavalry.
-Canion Ambushers: +2 for all unit’s damage when they attack to an enemy in a minor level of elevation.
-Persistent Seeds: Villagers gains 10% more food from farms.
-Navajo Hunters*: Archers and Handcannoneer can hunt animals, also gains +1 of damage.

-Warchieft: Have a training limit of 1 +1 per age. The warchieft is a powerful warrior and has a war cry that empowers units for a short time to gain 30% more attack speed. This scream has to wait to recharge, isn’t accumulative and all of the warchiefts use it at the same time.
-Horse Archer (Apache Alliance).
-Dancer: Replaces the usual priest. Can heal units, run and if is garrisoned in the Kiva increases their bonus in 2%.

-Spearmen. Age I.
-Axe Man. Age II.

Archery Range
-Creek Tracker. Age II.
-Javelin Thrower. Age II.
-Horse Archer*. Age III.
-Handcannoneer. Age IV.

-Tribal Ryder. Age III.

Town Center
-Warchieft. Age I.

This time I make a rework of the flag from Total War franchise because is the representation with more coon elements betwen puebloans cultures.


A confederation of smallest north American native nations (also known as the Iroquois Confederacy). Like other groups, they all shared very similar cultural traits and languages with common origins. These groups had reached sedentarism and their union gave them a preponderance that would be important even with the arrival of the Europeans.
They mainly inhabit forested areas and their settlements were fortified with palisades, some being direct forts.

-Villagers can enter in stealth mode.
-All units move 20% faster in forest.
-Doesn’t have access to stone walls.
-Barracks and archery range shoots one arrow.

-Three Sisters Plantation: Is the fusion of a mill and farm that can support 3 villagers. This plantations produce 20 of gold every 150 of food.
-Communal House: This house costs twice as much, but provides twice the population, plus it can train villagers but slower. This houses also receives resources.


-Tomahawk: Ranged infantry with high damage, short range and who can use his hand axes in melee.
-Rotiskenrakehte: Handcannoner who prepares a shot twice as powerful, this shot recovers every 20s.
-Gunner Rider: Handcannoner in horse, fast but with low hit points.
-Mantlet: Siege unit, throws tomahawks in combat and reduces projectile damage to units behind it by 60%.
-Mace Man: Cheap, low armored and fast unit, every 3 hits, the 4 hit deals twice damage.

Every time you get older you increase the prominence of a tribe, when you get older this tribe provides a passive advantage and generates a group of units in the longhouses, these units can be resummoned for free after the call button fills their bar (is necessary to choose which warriors are going to be summoned).

-Forestal Rangers: All units +2 of damage in forest.
-Ambush Tactics: Tomahawk and Rotiskenrakehte can enter in stealth mode.
-Gunstock War Club: Tribal rider +2 of damage.
-Cut The Scalp: After killing a unit in melee, the warrior receives +2 of melee armor for 3s.

To Age II
-Onondaga: Spawns one archer in every communal house (maximum 5 +1 per additional age), the onondaga warriors can be recall later. Towers shoot additional arrows and palisade walls gains 25% more hit points.
-Seneca: Spawns two archer canoe in every dock (maximum 4 +1 per age), the Seneca fleet can be recall later. Fishing ships and canoes 30% cheaper.

To Age III
-Cayuga: Spawns one axe man in every communal house (maximum 5 +1 per additional age), the Cayuga warriors can be recall later. Barracks train 25% faster and cost -20%.
-Mohawk: Spawns one tomahawk in every communal house (maximum 5 +1 per additional age), the Mohawk warriors can be recall later. Traders -25% cost and moves 20% faster.

To Age IV
-Tuscarora: Spawns one Rotiskenrakehte in every communal house (maximum 5 +1 per additional age), the Tuscarora warriors can be recall later. The call button reloads 20% faster.
-Oneida: Spawns one Gunner Rider in every communal house (maximum 5 +1 per additional age), the Oneida warriors can be recall later. Priest and Cavalry are 25% cheaper.

The Haudenosaunee can take one ally tribe in Age III and other one in Age IV.
-Huron: Spawns one Mantlet in every communal house (maximum 3 +1 per additional age), the Huron warriors can be recall later. Fishing ships works 15% faster.
-Angloquine: Spawns two assault canoe in every dock (maximum 4 +1 per age), the Angloquine fleet can be recall later. Every canoe deal +2 of damage.
-Narragansett: Spawns one Mace Man in every communal house (maximum 7 +1 per additional age), the Narragansett warriors can be recall later. Mace man now can enter in stealth mode and attacks 20% faster.
-Winnebago: Spawns one Spearmen in every communal house (maximum 7 +1 per additional age), the Winnebago warriors can be recall later. Every land unit gains 10% more hit points.


-Spearmen. Age I.
-Axe Man. Age II.
-Mantlet. Age II.

Archery Range
-Archer. Age II.
-Rotiskenrakehte. Age IV.
-Gunner Rider. Age IV.

-Tribal Ryder. Age III.

Simply their official flag, but using the special layer.

Some Amerindian nations that still exist have flags and I wanted to edit two of the most prominent from their respective regions.



I must clarify that the Cherokee and the Creek interacted with the Mississippians and in fact it seems that they were descendants of the same, but in a strict way they are not usually considered part of this civilization.

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I would love for them to add sone North American Nations in this.

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Yes, all these civs would be fine…both in AoE 2 and AoE 4…

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Your posts fill me with inspiration. I truly hope we see them implement these factions into AoE4.

As much as I love say, the Incas in AoE3, the gameplay just isn’t for me. They look wonderful there though, and I really hope they don’t skimp out on using the same placeholder wall that they do for most civilizations.

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Yeah, don’t worry, nothing happens… imagine that there are some AoE 3 players who don’t get used to the Incas yet…

I’m obliged to show this fanmade concept art for the Mississippians, I know it’s for AoE II and not IV, but it’s still very good.

Origin Post: "A New World" DLC suggestion

It’s nice, but I don’t think the Missipians had stables or bombardment towers…

That was made for AoE II, even if you don’t have access to those technologies you still have to have your own models for those buildings. More than anything for the game modes and options such as “all technologies unlocked”