Spinning villagers & disobeying scout

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  • GAME BUILD #: 101.102.33775.0 (#99311) 129155999
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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When playing against AI in singleplayer (default difficulty) I was scouting their base with my scout, and attack-clicked a villager (berry picker that was heading towards bush). This was manually while moving, so not using patrol or anything.
Instead of the scout attacking the villager, the scout changed trajectory towards another nearby villager and started attacking that one.

Shortly after I started building a tower near their berries and all the AI villagers (including ones not nearby) started spinning around (like a spinbot). One villager started attacking one of mine and stopped spinning but the others just kept spinning for the rest of their life.

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Every time but not always all of them

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Hop into a singleplayer game against AI, doesn’t seem like the amount of players nor difficulty matters
  2. Start building a tower near their TC
  3. Villagers start spinning (I think it’s the ones within my view only)

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Scout listening to my command and not doing what he feels like? And villagers not spinning obviously.

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I don’t have media of the scout attacking the wrong villager but I did manage to make a video of the spinning villagers and there’s a record file of the final minute or-so of the game where you can still see some spinning villagers. Video: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free

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get used to using CONTROL+ click to force them to attack the targeted unit

Specifically clicking a unit should be clear enough that I’m not trying to hit the other one I would assume? 11

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Villagers are rascals. Get used to it.

i agree but unless devs tweak the hierarchy of agression logic, (not the pathing) , this wont change, and the fix is Control click at all times where u have specific targets in mind

You make it sound like it’s an old issue. For me, this new patch is the first time I encounter this issue.
I noticed there’s another bug thread as well, posted today, about the same issue. So I’m pretty confident it has to do with the new patch.

the other thread is about attack move and units going away instead of towards the enemy, not about targeting the closest unit instead of the one u clicked on

It’s hard to explain since I don’t have a video of it, but the scout instantly went into a different direction as soon as I clicked attack on the first unit. The other unit was walking right in the scout’s new trajectory and when the scout ran into it it started attacking that one.
I can’t be sure but it’s very plausible that the reason for attacking the new villager was simply running into them.
This would make it the same issue as in the other thread.

Im actually more interested why there’s spinning villagers though :joy:

units will do that since a long time ago, hence why control click is a learned skill

however spinning villagers is a big issue to fix asap and has gone on since de came out

also the fact that vils sometimes take the whole way around a building instead of just moving a couple tiles to the right to start the next building. this happens in this patch as well

I am able to reproduce this every time, updated my OP with the steps

Hello, thanks for the report.
Indeed, the first issue about the scout attacking the closest villager is known. That is why you would prefer to put your scout on stand ground to attack a very precise unit, or Ctrl-Click as @Barrufet suggested.

The second issue is a known bug. Those villagers should have a more proper response to this threat on harder difficulties.
Anyway, thank you, and have a nice day!

I played a game on “hardest” yday and it was the exact same problem as on easier modes.
They see a tower and they start spinning.
What they additionally did on hardest that I hadn’t seen before on easier modes was starting to build lumbercamps and mining camps in the middle of nowhere. Every time the camp was destroyed they just made a new one like 10 tiles away from any gold or stone

When you say disobeying scouts, does it look like this?
(For the record i was telling them to “attack move” not “move”

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Please don’t judge my lack of skill in the clip.
The website for whatever reason makes the video have a bad v-sync. try to ignore it.

I was just about to report this buck in its own topic, but as i went to start my game up, there’s an update now. My clip may be irrelevant now…?