Spring Update: Speculations, Suggestions & Beyond

I thought it would be fun to talk about this teased spring update. If it is anything like the anniversary update we’re in for a treat. The forum has gone a little stir-crazy for a bit now as we all wait in anticipation of what 2023 may bring to the game.

To get right into what I think this update will cover I suspect the TAD civs will be the primary focus by removing some of the stereotypical aspects of the civs and making them more historically accurate. I’d like to see something done with export to make it less of a hassle to collect. The consulates could also play a bigger role here if more is done with them. More Asian mercs would be cool.

As far as the Native civs are concerned I think they’d require a complete overhaul so perhaps another update down the road? For the time being some tweaks would be grand. I’m really not a fan of the community plaza but this was slightly rectified by assigning Healers which made the CP more useful than relying upon precious villagers.

I hope the convoluted British Rangers are reworked. A few cards for some Euro civs that didn’t receive as much in the anniversary patch are always welcome.

Think most of us would like to see what FE can do with an Asian civ DLC since it’s the only continent that has been left untouched. Persia has been highly requested since the ES days. Maybe an Asian DLC tease with this update aimed for a Summer release?

The player numbers have increased at a good rate since last year so hopefully, World’s Edge greenlights more support beyond this update and more DLC. 3DE still has a ton of potential. More single player content is wanted by many. The game is in a really good state and it is definitely on an upward trend.

What do you want out of this update?


I’m still hoping for and predicting a tropical or island themed DLC with Polynesians and maybe even Pirates.


yo espero que:
-Le cambién el compendio a los Españoles
-Le agreguen a los aztecas un templo de sacrificios en lugar de una plaza comunitaria, y a los incas un templo al dios inti
-más cambios de colores (como el dorado o el gris)
-Más cartas
-Mas campañas y batallas historicas


It’s not much, but I think it’s a good time for this:

  • Renaming Aztec “Knights”, as they didn’t have knighthood in their society
  • Possibly new cards for Asian civs
  • A more simple way to obtain Rangers, instead of that complicated feature of cards and Church techs
  • Rename some Royal House units (there is a thread about it)
  • Make the remaining Promotions available (Agility, Hunting and Naval)

i really hope for a DLC, like Persia would be cool.

the AI could use some work, its too skittish on land maps and doesnt work for naval. its fun to play large battles with 100s of soldiers, its not fun when 1 side just runs in circles.

maybe some new fauna?

could i get a link to that? dont seem to find any when i search for it.


Do we have official confirmation that there is a Spring update coming? I’ve only seen other fans refer to it but no devs.

yes, its official that a major patch comes in spring.


What is the source of this information?

well, im telling you as a moderator :smiley:

that said, it is in some of the patch notes, and maybe more directly Vumie said:

“As for the PUP, the bigger update is coming in the Spring as noted. This is something that we have been very upfront about, while a few people have expressed their concerns about this update being rather small, we’ve noted them, but there’s a reason why we specifically stated the Spring update will be bigger.”


Sounds like it’s time for me to shamelessly plug my AI mod again…


Thanks for sharing that!

Another vote for less convoluted British Rangers in the Spring Update here!


I want a few things:

  1. A “rework” of Asian civs so that they are more historically accurate for the time. Simple reskins and renames would do. No need to change gameplay balance. Replace monks with appropriate military commanders. Turn wonders into landmarks. No more building the Taj Mahal in Carolina. Please.

  2. Stop training asian mercenaries from monasteries. Give all Asian civs a new building: the customs house to train and upgrade mercenaries (yes, mercenary upgrades since as Asian civs you cannot use mercenaries in Imperial Age). Meanwhile the monastery should be removed and hero upgrades kept in the castles.

  3. Make export farmable like influence. Rice paddies can now generate food, coin and export. Not sure about balance implications, but this can make gameplay very versatile. Consulate should now train soldiers like a military building and the special shipments should now cost a shipment point. (Except for Bashibazouks from the Ottoman consulate).

  4. Improve AI. The AI has been getting better. But theres a long way to go. Retreat logic, naval AI. All these things.

  5. Add a new game mode that doesn’t allow shipments or experience point generation. This is for people who don’t like shipments, maybe AoE2/4 players.

These are my key asks. I apologize for strongly focusing on Asia. I am open to European content later, but given that Asian civs have largely remained the same stereotypical mess since the beginning of time, it should be a priority.


Very nice indeed!
Need to rework China with truly Chinese units, plenty of those are Tartars and Mongols by the way!

Like the monk rework, think would be as I purpose like Ottomans AOE4 Mehter, a unit that gives buffs and bonuses.

Do not agree about removing monasteries, maybe a rework with monks for healing like other civs.
Also, a new set of Asian maps will be welcomed!

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This is really dangerous.
AOE3 merges a lot of “unique techs” and “civilization bonuses” into cards. Without them the Europeans will be more similar to each other than in AOE2.
Like British only has villagers from manors, French only has a special villager, Germans literally has nothing besides the starting. And there is no bonus on their units (besides royal guard) or economy.


Instead think would be better a dropdown menu to enable or disable shipments.
Bonuses and mechanics would be revamped accordingly on this mode!

Of course, this is the thread

I agree with you.

Maybe turn unique cards into techs at the TC…

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That is going to be a totally different game that needs a long time to balance. More difficult than the base game.

And AOE2/4 players will very unlikely to mass-migrate into AOE3 because the game already has this long established “reputation” among AOE players.

I’m not sure how it would really work out.
Cards like +15% damage and/or hp for musketeers function as some sort of civ bonuses, but with a pace (you don’t get them immediately from the start), and also some sort of unique tech.
Also many, I’d say most, civs have a wide selection of bonus cards on all aspects to include, so it would be very hard to pick which to keep.

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I honestly think a game mode removing shipments would have very little payoff in attracting AoE2/4 players. AoE3 should sell itself on its own merits.