Spring Update: Speculations, Suggestions & Beyond

Just tell me, how you would make it if there are over 30 civs, 4 game modes, unique mechanics, revolts, and so on?

Why is it up to the devs to change a bunch of cards on every patch?

Would be the opposite, easier for devs to manage less!

The current balancing state with cards has foundations on 17 years of development. You cannot expect to achieve balancing with a whole new game at the very beginning.
And none of the games have ever been balanced on all modes. But you cannot have a very unbalanced mode to attract “AOE2/4 players”.

No creo que lo hagan,aunque creo que lo harán en Retold…

Couldn’t agree more with these, the balanced would have to be considered for point 3, but given how well this works for Malta for example that has a similar system (even cosplaying as other civs), I don’t think it will be particularly game breaking.

I would keep the monastery as it is, consider that it is the only way for China to get extra xp income other than TP. I would only add: give Asians infinite age IV mercenary shipments like Euros and generalize the effect of some of their unit upgrade cards.

Flamethrowers: More speed and range. Improve the effect of Dragon Manual as well for them, 10% attack is a joke in Age IV.

Manchu combat card: Unlocks Manchu and gives them some kind of improvement.

Ps: White Pagoda - making disciples at least as strong as spanish dogs, allowing them to snare, a mini speed upgrade and a visual distinction once you build the Wonder. Allowing it to boost Outlaws or so as an extra to synergize with monastery (that has all their upgrades) would be a nice add on as well.

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Mmm yo lo que quisiera es que:
-Los alemanes tengan el edificio unico del reichtag (hable sobre el en otro hilo xd)
-Que tanto alemanes como italianos tengan cartas referentes a ducados, reinos y ciudades estado
-que el Español tengan como unidad unica el Tercio (en lugar de ser una simple mejora de guardia)
-algunos cambios arquitectonicos (como lo es la arquitectura otomana)
-que la carta feitoria en lugar de dar goteos de recursos a traves de los centros urbanos, permita al explorador portugues construir el edificio unico portuguez feitoria (el cual tendra 2500 de hp y un costo de 250 de madera y oro con los siguientes goteos 1.65 de comida por segundo, 1 de oro x/s y 0,80 de madera x/s /con un par de mejoras en el edificio para mejorar su goteo, hp y resistencia/ el limite de feitorias solo serian 4 pero las cartas de fabrica aumentan el limite de feitoria en 1, eso si las fabricas no son reconstruibles xd)
-Por ultimo y más importante

hacer que estos 2 colores sean seleccionables xd


No entiendo lo de los colores

es que solo hay 8 colores para seleccionar y tener algunos más no estaria de mas en la imagen se ve el color dorado y el tu sabes

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Definitely right! I hope for Tatars civ (mix of Mongolic and Turkic peoples) with Nomadic mechanics.


Unrelated DLC stuff like revert color customizations (instead of reverting all settings), reverting default decks and an option to disable HC customizations.

Oh, and of course a long-timed past rewards event that concludes all rewards from previous DLCs and seasons without forcing all the explorer skins into skin pack DLCs


The spring update will only be a big balance change, nerfing civs that too strong like sweden, british, lakota, buffing civs that no one plays like russia, malta, inca。

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I honestly think that it would never happen. World’s Edge would never do anything that even remotely threatens the playerbase of AoE4, so…


Sad but true. It is the most likely scenario with perhaps a tease for a new Persia civ.

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It’s practically unplayable. The naval AI only tries to build 1 more caravel than you, it basically never builds galleons, it won’t attack anything except your dock, it doesn’t build or position any defenses to help with ships… It was basically just a patchwork designed for semi-water maps where you wouldn’t really want to build ships anyway.

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It’s better than a 10% upgrade because it works off their current stats, not base stats. So it’s actually a 23% upgrade if you send all the artillery attack cards and have the flamethrowers fully upgraded.

i seriously doubt they would tease a balance patch half a year in advance.


Ports Rework! Give it to me!


Change the skin of the maltese church, for me is the most important change.


The rework has All European politician and new politician for Loggers, miners, hunters, farmers, ranchers, spy master, assassins master , Scottish chief 、Wigh politician and Irish chief(only British civilized politicians), Military strategist,graphic designer,artists, nobles and autocrats as well as replacing the old portraits of politicians with new ones there’ll also be some unique politicians, as well as a large number of new cards and old card images are very good’s suggest

Pero cuando lo podrías construir?..además si los portugueses pueden construir las feitorias,entonces habría que sacarles las fábricas no?..

El color dorado nunca se usa en todo el juego y el otro color solo se usa en Yorktown,la última misión de la campaña Fuego…

Crimean Khanate?..

Currently we have 22 civs
I hope they add 3 more dlc civs & make the number of civs 25
22 + 3 = 25 Civilizations