SSD Preformance Issues?

I revently bought an SSD m.2, I installed windows again on the drive and installed a aoe2 on there too. My in game graphics preformance has been pretty jittery, I couldnt quite figure it out. I just installed the latest update today and got asked to run a benchmark test. Now I cant play more than 1v1s when it was completely fine before. I have stripped off all the graphics settings like before. I cant find any other reason why it would happen. I have updated graphics card driver, that is not an issue either.

It’s unlikely caused by the changing to a SSD.
But you never know for sure with this game 11

Do you use AMD graphics?

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No, gtx 970. My computer is working fine, has done for a few weeks. My graphics performance is worse though. Idk how it affects other games as its the only one I play. It’s not settings, drivers, mods. Idk what else it could be.

Use this tool to make sure you don’t have v-sync enabled and to quantify the game performance:

Just press the print button, right to f12, and paste into paint.
Do it when the game is running poor and upload it here.
The perfomance impaction can be caused by the rendering or simulation, this will help to get a hint about what’s wrong.