Standardize games to 30 minutes

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Attaching updated data is not spam. I know that most of you have been very busy discussing the janissay (where nothing was changed) about the game graphics, about the AI, the game icons etc. etc but I will address other issues that do not address; I don’t know what the aoe community did in the past where, it took years to see the number of villagers in each resource or more years to have accumulated actions with the shift.
I know what interests you most is that they offer you more content and that changes in the Meta will not change the 50% winrate of the casuals, but it cannot be that a professional takes 45 - 50 minutes to beat a non-professional , with so many hours and experience in tournaments and all that is minimized by the Meta of the game, very possibly many do not know the forum or simply leave the game, at least there was one who dared to enter the forum and comment because he will leave the game

Dude you just opened two more threads with “data” about essentially this same thing you are beating to death here.


Professionals are just players. AOE4 isn’t a shooter, where you can one tap a player just because you are better, where as newbies keep missing for a few seconds.

It is a game where it takes a combination of efforts to take a player out. If a professional plays ranked, they are likely playing against high tiered players anyways. Are professionals better? sure? But, you can’t headshot enemies in AOE4. You can’t just send in 4 Spearman early on and win the game with micro alone. It isn’t that type of game. It isn’t Starcraft.

In fact, being a franchise about empires–the idea of a battle of attrition is very much real. No one is hiding that. No one is saying “this is a sub 30 min game experience guaranteed”. I think you may be misunderstanding the game you are playing, if you don’t expect games to run on beyond 40 minutes. This is a war game.

And lastly, I wanted to touch upon the person you quoted. That person was angry that you could use Keeps aggressively. Is this something you’re against too? So not only do you dislike Keeps defensively, but also offensively?

It just sounds like you’re advocating for the removal of Walls and Keeps. And honestly, if the developers ever listened to players advocating this, I would be gone from this game for good. These mechanics are one of the few things that makes this game different, along side with its randomly generated maps and heavier economies. So, I’m going to suggest that you try another game if you really dislike these things; because they are what makes Age of Empires the franchise it is.


This game is faster paced, therefore it is absurd that a professional takes 50 minutes to beat a non-professional, instead of taking the fast rate of the game to be offensive instead they are comfortable accumulating resources and villagers with the support of the game’s defenses, then suppress your own villagers; I am also demonstrating the imbalance between the defensive game against the offensive one, to those who speak without substantiation, or because a professional simply wins the game over a non-professional, but no, instead he does 4TC

I think if it depended on any of you, age4 would be age2 with a new graphic engine, what has the community done in the forum! 22 years for this, 1 million stone walls, an hour and a half game that would have lasted longer if the level did not eliminate its own villager (in an official 2023 tournament). I will not be complicit in something similar in age4, thanks to our comments, measures have been gradually taken since the reduction of the amount of stone in the game, higher cost of walls, etc., quality beats quantity!

This is Black Forest, a closed map, so games usually last longer as it’s easier to defend than on an open map like Arabia.
Also, the ingame timer in AoE 2 runs 1.7 times faster, so the actual time was 56 minutes.

Edit: the BF game you mentioned btw was not a tournament game, it was a ranked game.


while i see what hasan is trying to prove here, i ultimately don’t see developers as stupid, they definitely know this suggestion is a no go, as for hasan, he’ll continue ignoring any evidence proving the opposite to his arguement, here’s the thing, i agree the meta, as is, lacks meaningfull aggression early on, it very much is all about booming which is unusual even by aoe standards, from my experience playing this way in aoe2 or 3 on similar type of map, aka not black forest, would be a gg rather quickly, but from what i see, this has nothing to do with keeps, now walls needing siege to take down, thats part of the slowdown i’d say, but the biggest one is the necessity of imperial age to do any significant amount of damage per second to those walls, yk the bombards, they also cost a ton in resources and pop, and pop part is only an issue due to most players pushing 130-140 villagers in typical game, now i want to give some statistics on villager gathering of aoe4 vs 2 and 3 as how many vills you need for comparable resource income, about 120-130 vills of aoe2 = 100 in aoe3 (this game caps the villager pop to 99 cuz balance) = 85-95 in aoe4, and i might be overstating the aoe4 number by a few vills, and at the same time due to no batch training + super long (far too long) training and research times you cannot realisticly spend all those resources as fast as you can gather, especially true when that sweetspot of 85-95 is exceeded, 140 vills in aoe4 is far more than what any amount of military production buildings can handle as a result

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100 % agreed. Booming in AoE 2 and 3 is only viable in later stages of the game which probably is also due to the fact that additional Town Centers aren’t available until Castle/Fortress Age, probably leading to be more aggresive early on.

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also being stuck on 1 town center for 2 ages instead of just 1 leaves a much more vulnerable opening for the defender, also aided by the fact that town centers in aoe2 and 3 require garrisoned villager to fire that 1 arrow that fires at all times in aoe4, you wouldn’t think its a big deal but it is big deal for the defender, you’re not sacrificing resource gathering for that one arrow to be fired, a sacrifice that if not managed semi perfectly can bite you later on in aoe2 and 3, with age up delays etc.

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xDDD 100% agree, instead of having a nice discussion abt the balance, we have this…

Would appreciate if mod just close the thread


I haven’t really seen AoE2 be more aggressive than 4 though. In Dark age there is only one option which most people never bother with, then in Feudal some civs do archer rushes and some do scouts and almost no one does MAA. In AoE4 there are more options for early aggression depending on civ. Also, there are rams so a deadly push is actually possible. It wasn’t long ago that we were regularly seeing feudal ram pushes,

1 TC all in play is also pretty much not a thing in AoE2, it is very rare. Instead we see 3, 4, 5, etc… TCs almost every game.

I like the fast pace of the game, the villager production rate, the harvest rate and the TC in feudal, I think that about 120 villagers is enough to produce the remaining 80 population; The collateral problem of the fast pace of fast game, is that you can accumulate many resources, in a short time, if you are guarding with good defenses or with natural walls of the map.

Vortix lost these two games taking an offensive stance, but the Meta does not benefit those who take an aggressive stance; therefore I propose that


Only the buildings that are built solely with wood must be repaired with wood, the other buildings must be repaired with wood and a percentage of stone, which you consider reasonable, please

It is similar to a match in which one team seeks to score, and puts on a show, while the other team plays on their own court and hopes to win in the penalty shootout.

killing twice as many villagers as your opponent is not enough to win in this Meta

Vortix dijo que no hizo su mejor juego y Bee pudo remontar bien.

Quizás se pueda plantear una velocidad de juego x1.2, un TC sin disparo automático (sin priorizar al asedio como antes) o unas defensas estáticas algo más débiles en Late Game, pero es normal que alguna partida de AoE se alargue y eso no debe cambiar.

I agree, I can’t modify the title, so I tried to create another thread to focus on the Meta, but they closed it for me of course spam

killing twice as many villagers as your opponent is not enough to win

They accuse me of wanting a predictable Meta, it is not like that, the current Meta is predictable, when you know that you are against the clock if your rival goes to 2TC, unless you compensate it with trade, or more comfortable also 2TC. It is predictable to know that fast castle is not viable and it is also predictable to know that it is not advantageous to lose your arites by destroying the main TC in feudal; I am also against a predictable Meta.

Thank you.
I don’t see why people see so many issues with games that takes 50 min. Moba games can take from 15 min to one hour, easily. No issues with that.
I don’t see an issue with RTS games lasting from 10 min to 1 hour and a half as well.
If you are trying to break a very good defense, it should take time as well, that is normal. If you don’t want to deal with very good defenses and play long games, just accept that the enemy has defended, surrender and go for another game.