Standardize games to 30 minutes

For this reason it is that the landmark must be repaired with stone and must pause the sacred places
Holy places should only reset when they are all lost, otherwise it should just pause their counter.

That game was one of the best games i have watched in the entire tournament so far. Nothing wrong with the length of the game there, it would have been one thing if both players were sat in their bases for 30-40 min, but that game was action packed from start to finish and i wouldnt mind seeing more games like this.


I strongly vote disagree. Please don’t make changes to shorten the games as the OP has requested.


My proposals are subtle, for the competitive one, the time that the games take in your elo will continue to be long

Dude, stop going around asuming people’s elo.
There are plenty of people here that play competitively that dont want to see any changes to shorten the game.

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It’s true that according to the data Beasty from aoe4world showed, the average games for the top 500 tend to play 28-30 minutes and the top 100 players tend to play 25-28 minutes. This means that the games are being slightly slower than in AoE2.

I wouldn’t put a time limit, but maybe I would put a speed multiplier of 1.2-1.3 (only for ranked games and tournaments).

Those who see Beastyq must have heard that there is a lot of difference between a conqueror and a pro, do not be offended

Adri, I think the low cost of trade already benefits the resource collection rate, the problem is that they take advantage of defenses to accumulate resources and then spam any unit that costs more food

I already proposed a (very acceptable) solution to trade in another thread. I still think that the defensive structures continue to look strong, but that is already my opinion.

There are a difference between long game and “long game behind wall where no interaction between players”.

45 min full fight is probably a must kind of game, 45 min of china / abassyd behind wall, not so much.

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The data is based on 30 ranked samples (must see tournaments), unlike other players who have played much more ranked than him.

He has also faced many lower Top players and it is clear that his game is more turtling and tactical oriented (if the games do not last 1 hour it is because he is Top 1 in late game).

The sooner the action starts, the more likely the games will end sooner (hybrid maps is an example). I prefer 35 intense minutes (with only 5-6 minutes of calm) than 10-15 minutes of boom and the last 5 of action.

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if it seems too drastic that landmarks be repaired with stone, design that at least 50% or 40% be repaired with stone the rest with wood

putting stone as repair for landmarks now that i think more of it would make sense in shortening game time, but its not ideal, there should always be a comeback opportunity, the 50/50 split tho, that is more logical

Zun Tzu

new bonus list



Vortix: the game is slow, as the game progresses the micro loses importance

Bro really going to the effort of finding longer games, underlining the time and posting it to a thread where the majority disagree with him.

Then double posting for good measure.


read the whole thread, I have mentioned that most of the players are casual, so I have not made extreme proposals, the title is only to attract attention

I’ve read the whole bloody thread as you constantly keep posting in it so it never leaves the front fucking page XD


What I bring is data, after a long time since the patch that shows the slight nerft of the stone walls has come out. A professional should not take so long to win a non-professional