Standardizing the names of hero units?

Now this is only a silly proposal and just for fun:
In vanilla AOE3 the heroes function more as an early scout and fit the theme of “exploring the new world as a group of European settlers”.
But since TWC the heroes for new civ groups are always “faction/military leaders” like chief, general, emir, etc., the monk is an odd one though.

And with a whole circus of different skins right now the theme is even more diminished. Who would still think of the explorer/monk identity if you are using William the Silent or kunoichi.

So my main problems with the names “explorer” and “monk” are:

  1. They are less of a “leader” role than other heroes
  2. They are too specific. A faction/army leader could be or dress like a monk (like several Japanese feudal lords) but a monk is a monk. And when you use skins like Captain Huang Jian or kunoichi, it could still be a faction/army leader but not a monk anymore. On the other hand most of the explorer models are just some typical folk dressing of the civ and could fit any other identities like lord or governor besides the explorer.
  3. They do not fit the current theme very well since TAD because the theme has been greatly expanded from “exploration and colonization of the Americas”.

What about changing the name of the explorer/monk into lord/governor, etc. or any better name one can come up with (and still keep the original explorer/monk model as one of the skins) so they are more consistent with the rest?

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The monk theme is garbage but explorers are perfectly fine. You literally use them to explore the map and search for treasure. And there are also Generals for the Americans and Mexicans that would muddle having a more generic European hero.


Yeah, there’s a fair few of us who find Monks a bit out of place.

I would add that Explorer is fine (though I’d rather like an upgrade in later ages to turn them into a more combat supportive Officer). Having a Governor running around would be a little odd as they generally just stayed in the Governor Houses hiring people to do the legwork of exploring/establishing camps.

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But we already have ras (prince) and emir…anyway governor is just an example and I would welcome better names.

Officer is a good one if US/Mexicans do not have the “general”.

Eliminating the General altogether would be a good way to go. I absolutely loathe the stupid “inspiring flag” gimmick. USA had explorers like Lewis and Clark and Padres are good enough as the Mexican hero.

But I still don’t see the need for getting rid of Explorers. The leaders of colonies were generally explorers. Samuel de Champlain is a good example of this.

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Yeah i know is to suggest rework Mexico United States’s general Add skills for telescope reconnaissance, mount and dismount mechanism, and launch a charge. Only after all units have their own attack aura, can they become real generals. In addition, add 4 unique skills and 1 unique energy for all European explorers to become generals from their home city cards to military commanders. As the military uniforms change with the time for Regional, weapons are randomized

Just remove monks. Replace them with military leaders like most other civs’.


Vale hagamos el juego más estandar y aburrido yupi

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I suggest you read what I wrote…

no me refiero a ti directamente, sino algunos que basicamente quieren hacer a todos los exploradores iguales

Are you talking to people who don’t want stereotypical monks leading armies?

Hablo de la gente que quiere que las unidades exploradoras sean iguales y sin habilidades unicas, y no me vengas con los estereotipos que literalmente facciones como España o rusia en este juego son basicamente estereotipos.

The Explorer fits the theme fine. You’re playing as a colony of your home country, commanded by the Explorer. The random names are taken from the names of famous real-life explorers, who were often navy captains or in similar military leadership positions.

But I agree that I don’t like the monks. It comes across as a lazy cultural stereotype that doesn’t fit the theme. The Chinese, in particular, could have an Explorer just like the Europeans.

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