Standing army tax

I feel like a neat feature would be to have units cost resources over their lifetime. I don’t like how people turtle and ball up a huge army without doing anything with it until they hit population cap. It would give a new element of attrition in sieges, for both the offense and defense. It would prevent an early aggressor from snowballing a lead. Hopefully wouldn’t discourage armies too much that people focus solely on aging up. Just meant to encourage people to use their military as it’s being made.

A synonymous idea would be to just give military units a death clock. Wouldn’t my spearmen from dark age be like 3000 years old in Imperial? If every military unit had a 5 minute duration I think there would be many more skirmishes and a lot more reason to target production buildings instead of just landmarks.

Perhaps an idea for a mod at least.

My brother in christ, in one post you complain about doubling the cost of aging up so people spend more time in each age, and in the other you complain that armies should cost more so people don’t amass it. So… no fast advancing and no making soldiers. Only stocking up resources.

In this post you complain about people turtling, while at the same time stating that “it would prevent an early aggressor from snowballing”. So which one is it that you want, no early army and turtling, or early army and early aggression??

Army tax encourages extreme aggression. If you make an army you better use it immediately, otherwise your economy will be innefficient. And the deffender will likely have no army at all (otherwise he would have attacked as soon as he had), again, because if you make an army and don’t use it you’re just hurting your economy. So it’d definitely prevent turtling (or otherwise encourage extreme turtling with people rushing stone walls in feudal age, something banned in tournaments), but then you’d have the problem of extremely early aggression.

If you give units a death clock then you encourage people to just throw away their armies. No point in doing a skirmish with cavalry and trying to get them out alive if they will die anyway in X minutes. Makes the game way less strategic. Just build 20 stables and spam as much as you can. No clashes of strategically-chosen units, only braindead spam.

The tax may be a fun idea to theorize on for GIGANTIC, EXTREMELY TURTLY maps in matches that would last like 3 hours. But absolutely awful for regular gameplay.


I don’t like the meta boom of the game and I don’t like the meta of more than 140 villagers, maybe limit the villagers to 120, force to be more offensive

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This is what I see often already. People turtle then make 20 production buildings and stream them in to die.

But yea, obviously this would be more of a mod and would require many other balance changes to ever work into the game.

The Devs should 100% keep this idea on a whiteboard

For when they want to kill the game for good.


And then you get extremists like this

You do realise army tax is in a number of successful, popular games

Not saying it’s the best idea for aoe4, but it’s foolish to think it’ll kill the game

Games like Europa IV and CIV 6, turn based strategy games, not RTS surely?

Putting a tax on standing army is a terrible idea. Also age games do not work like that. Play a different game if that’s what you like

I think idea is actually worse than your other thread.

I’m pretty sure most players would hate this so much and not find it fun at all.

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You’re probably right since most players are from AoE2 and don’t like anything that isn’t AoE2.

That’s not why people dislike this idea, no. It seems like you want a very different style of game to the current game, which is why you’re seeing such pushback (or your ideas won’t actually solve problems in gameplay currently, like the other thread).


That’s not at all why I think people would hate this.

Upkeep systems usually are, at best, tolerated. So you really need a good reason to consider adding one.

I don’t see how this improves the game in any way.

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I’m not really trying to solve problems as much as see something different. I wouldn’t expect them to take my idea written in 30 seconds and implement it as is. It obviously wouldn’t work without a bunch of other things being changed too, a totally different game as you say. Could be a fun game mode tho.

Do you have a better suggestion for discouraging stale play that is 100% eco until imperial, then production until pop cap, then combat? That’s the only thing I want to avoid, another game with nothing happening for 20 minutes.

In that case make a mod. Although I doubt people will like it. They aren’t going to totally change the core mechanics of the game like that just to be different.

This already doesn’t happen. Maybe at low levels. Have you watched any high level games?

Hey CRothlisberger, I get it, you don’t like the idea, I hear you. That’s okay.

bro game need to change from bottom to top for that if you want a game where the unit get taxed i suggest you the cossacks 3

It feels like you want turn based systems in an RTS. There alot of reasons it cant work, but I’ll just say youre more or less asking for the devs to shit out a whole new genre of strategy game with this idea.

What you’re talking about is the metagame. You’ve already been asked this, but do you have any evidence this is actually the meta in high-level play?

I play primarily SP and Skirmish, so.

Bruh that’s already not happening. People are being aggro in feudal and castle age… unless you’re plastic league, that is. But you see even Chinese pushing with spears and chu-ge-nu in feudal, or HRE going fast castle into burger palace maa (which, honestly, please nerf). The PUP was dominated by the Malians because of their ridiculous economy and excessive feudal aggression, so much so that the Ottomans were utterly unplayable even by most pros.

So, if you’re having 20 minutes of passiveness in your games, my advice is that you stop playing custom and get on the ranked ladder.

Sounds like the OP want’s another game and not AoEIV.
This system I believe exist in the total war games, I suggest you play that if you want this system to be available :slight_smile: