Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds Definitive Edition

For those that don’t know, Galactic Battlegrounds is essnetially a 2001 Age of Empires 2 with Star Wars skin. Since every Age of Empires game got a definitive edition, I wonder, what would you think about a Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Definitive Edition?


  1. Galactic Empire (Episodes 4-6)
  2. Gungans (Episode 1)
  3. Rebel Alliance (Episodes 4-6)
  4. Royal Naboo (Episode 1)
  5. Trade Federation (Episode 1)
  6. Wookies (Episode 4-6)

Clone Campaigns Expansion:
7. Confederation of Independent Systems (Episodes 2)
8. Galactic Republic (Episodes 2)

New suggested factions:
9. First Order (Episodes 7-9)
10. New Republic (Episodes 7-9)
11. Rodians (Episodes 1-4)
12. Hutt Cartel (Episodes 4-6)
13. Mandalorians (Episodes (4-9)
14. Tusken Riders (Episodes 2-3)
15. Ewoks (Episode 6)
16. Sith Eternal (Episode 9)


  1. Alaris Prime Colonial War (Tutorial - Playing as Chewbakka’s father; Wookies; Episode 1)
  2. Battle of Naboo (Playing as the Trade Federation; Episode 1)
  3. War of the Gungan Tribes (Playing as the Gungans; Episode 1)
  4. The Empire Strikes Back (Playing as the Empire, with Darth Vader, Episodes 4-6)
  5. A New Hope (Playing as the Rebel Alliance, with Leia Organa, Episodes 4-6)
  6. Liberation of Kashyyyk (Playing as the Wookies, with Chewbakka; Episodes 4-6)

Clone Campaigns Expansion:
7. The Separatist Movement (Playing as the CIS; Episodes 1-3)
8. Echuu Shen-Jon (Playing as the Galactic Republic; Episodes 1-3)

New suggested campaigns:
9. Mandaloria (Episodes 7-9)
10. First Order (Episodes 7-9)
11. New Republic (Episodes 7-9)
12. Ewoks (Episodes 4-6)

It’s unlikely to ever happen due to who owns Star Wars right now, but what do you think of it as a concept?


Would love for this to happen - updated looks of jedi/sith/walkers will be amazing


I think it’s interesting, but I also think that this probably needs to be moved to either the Off-Topic or Age Legacy games part of the forum.

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Battlegrounds is closely tied to age 2, I say keep it here to draw more traffic towards the post; it’ll just get lost in other areas of the forums otherwise.
In fact- @moderators requesting a pin of this post here in the age 2 area for the span of 2 weeks - afterwards perhaps move it to a proper place, but please consider allowing this post traffic by the age 2 fans.

To be honest - it would be awesome for battlegrounds to be added to age 2 de as extra content/campaigns/scenario units and an additional queue/secondary lobby/etc as DLC
It would also help bring in an additional playerbase for both games to be so closely tied together and would be healthy overall.

No. Please don’t try and merge two separate themes into one. I know the games might be mechanically similar, but that doesn’t mean they should be merged. Better to either get a definitive edition for Galactic Battlegrounds, or get visual content for AoE2, but not combine the games. That would be a really big mistake for most people.

The Star Wars game license isn’t exclusively owned by EA anymore iirc. so it shouldn’t be a problem right?

I would love to have Galactic Battlegrounds remastered with DE graphics, especially with all the expansions you suggested!


Last I heard LucasArts said no.

I would love this!
I actually persuaded wife to play it for a while, but it is not as good as AOE2, it needs lot of work on it…

  1. Sith Eternal (Episode 9)

Disney owns it and they don’t care about Galactic Battlegrounds unfortunately.


Aren’t they allowed to do a remastered?

I don’t know how the legal system works here. But I remember Huawei lost the rights to some trademarks from one of their phones in US, and instead of buying them again they just did a remastered edition of the previous phone, apparently they are allowed to do that. The phone looked exactly the same as the previous version but had a better CPU, more RAM, better GPU, better camera, more memory space, etc.

I’d love that.

However rights on the Star Wars franchise and SWGB itself will be an issue that needs being settled before anything can be done about it. I assume Disney owns everything now (definitely the SW licence and maybe the rights on Lucasarts ? Not sure about that one) but they also signed an exclusivity deal for videogame adaptations with Electronic Arts (or was it no longer renewed after Battlefronts 2 ?).

One whacky thing that could be done (not as official content) is making a crossover between AOE2 and SWGB allowing picking civs from either, can you imagine some stormtrooper getting bullied by mangudais and huscarls only to have Darth Vader slaughter them ? :grin: Might be utterly unbalanced (if only with flying units that can only be attacked by anti-air units) but does that really matter ?

I am not convinced the multiplayer would be as popular, but if they updated the AI like how Age 2:DE AI has been updated I would buy it purely for the singleplayer

A forgotten gem. Luckily there’s a mod called Expanding Fronts for the current GB if any of you ever heard of it, it adds more civs/factions and lots of stuff including lots of assets for the scenario editor.

Go check it!


Since Ubisoft and Quantic Dream are both making Star Wars games, and Aspyr (now owned by Embracer Group) is remaking KOTOR, the license definitely isn’t exclusie to EA for AAA titles anymore (there were always mobile/browser games being made separately even when EA had the license)- though EA is likely making Fallen Order 2, BattleFront 3, and there’s supposed to be another Star Wars project from EA Vancouver in the works as well

A Definitive Edition for GB would be neat, but I wouldn’t want Forgotten Empires to get side-tracked from improving AoK. If there’s another modding team Microsoft can tap similar to FE to work on GB, that’d be ideal, imo.

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The guys who created the Expanding Fronts mod would be a good choice for such a team.


Not Age of Mythology, though.

yes please… if there is a good modder we can import the slp files to AOE 2 DE

This definitive edition would be great, I have been a fan of star wars since 2001, so this will bring back memories to see this in 4k, the game is very old and I would like to see this.


Absolutely, looking forward to this if it’s possible.