[Steam] Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - I want a REFUND

The game freezes and crashes absolutely not playable.
I tried to play for 7 hours, this is not possible a too buggy game.
For Microsoft, this is a great damage to reputation.


I think you should contact the Steam support to ask for a refund.

BUT, if you will to try a few more things to see if they help with your performance issues, here’s a topic with some solutions to experiment.

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He knows it but instead of doing so he prefers posting about it all forums which doesn’t give him refund


All feedback is feedback, this is needed to improve and make our beloved DE best game possible, and actually good that we are not hiding the issues under the carpet. What are your system specs? what other games do you play (with no performance issues)?

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Reputation loss doens’t mean you get a refund.
Write a bad review instead and don’t buy their next game.
Didn’t you read these forums?
It was full of bug reports and many people requested a delayed release.


I was in your shoes just a month ago. The game was nearly unplayable constantly freezing and crashing after 2 - 5 mins ingame.

I fixed it by switching from HDD drive to SSD (Samsung EVO 860). My benchmark jumped from 600/1000 (low graphics profile in HDD) to 1100/1000 (medium graphics profile in SDD)

Believe me on HDD the game took 2 or 3 mins to run, but now on SSD It runs in less than 20 seconds and I have played so far 14 games on multiplayer without any issues.