Stil not playable since Hotfix

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When will there be an Update? Since the Hotfix i cant Play Single Player or Multiplayer anymore. After max. 30 mins there is a framedrop and the Game is not playable anymore. Max. 2-3 FPS only. This issue is known since 2 or more weeks. Dont update the Game, if you dont know what youre doing. Payed for the Game and cant play it.


Since there is very, very little information in this thread to identify and address the issue at hand, I can only encourage you to contact our support team for assistance. They should be able to work with you to collect information and hopefully identify the issue:

Thank you, and good luck.

While every reasonable game developer would instantly revert the performance changes and just apologize for the inconvenience you and the incompetence of the devs decided to just: Box it through.

Hot"fix" did absolutely nothing, your performance “improvement” was just an downgrade. Teamgames are literally unplayable and its shocking how the team literally just does nothing. Why? Whats was the new performance going to bring? Why it would be worth to perfect it? If its worse than the previous, why do you hold on to it?