Still can't change all hotkeys

Dude, I’m sorry but we are complaining since closed beta here.

Alt is a common usage key for unit selection and push to talk buttons.
Why am I not able to remap all the hotkeys?

This is so unbeliviably lazy at this point.
I don’t see any difference to the “old” stresstest build but the campaign.

From animations, to UI clarity, to controls or hotkey selection and zoom level.
NOTHING has been done here.


I can’t believe it, you actually STILL cannot set a mouse key as a hotkey

you could do this in every other age game

there is literally 0 reason to not have this as an option aside from laziness from the devs


The first thing I tried to do when starting the game up is rebind ALT so it wouldn’t pan the camera, came here to post that ALT can’t be rebound and that just feels so bad :confused: Limiting keybinds these days just feels bad - I can rebind alt to an entirely new key third party app but I absolutely shouldn’t have to.


Hotkeys, Player Color, Zoom Levels… Did they even listen to any feedback from Betas? Kinda disappointed not gonna lie.


Yeah. Really dissappointing. For me especially mouse hotkeys feels really bad as it would’ve been so easy to implement. Also simple hotkeys as “select all TC’s” is missing. Many people (including me) were complaining about this during the closed beta. They have not listened. Also couldnt find a word from the devs about this. So far I’m glad that I got the game pass for 1€ instead of buying the game. Will buy it later when those simple things have been implemented.


I agree with allowing more liberty for players to change their hotkeys. Coming from AoE2, it’s a bit of a leap from my usual hotkeys.

I say make a “Classic” hotkey setup that will feel more familiar to older players and allow all possible customisation, including the use of other external button devices/controllers (important for many within the disability community I might add).

Big one for me is the use of mouse buttons and shift actions. My side mouse buttons are used for idle villager and TC, it’s annoying to have to use mouse to click for new villager or reach over with left hand to other side of the keyboard…

Thankyou for the hard work and making the game, appreciate it’s a lot of work, and good luck with the updates, God speed.

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And yes, shout out to increasing zoom capabilities.


How do the hotkeying to various buildings work? Do you still have to select all buildings of a type and then select buildings within that group or can you go ‘straight to a barracks’ or ‘straight to a dock’?

I have yet to see anyone disagree tbh…

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The cinematic hotkey doesn’t even work for me :frowning:
And it’s CTRL + U!

You don’t need to change hotkeys, the devs know better how you need to play :slight_smile:


and also you cannot set a specific hotkey to go to Barracks, archery range or so. Unbelievable!


I am mostly ok with the hotkeys (getting used to the F keys), with a couple annoying exceptions, but they really should have all the functionality that already exists for AoE2 and 3. Oh also should add camera hotkeys like SC while they’re at it.

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just like how we dont need to zoom out more right …


There’s no option to choose, say, “AoE2:HD” hotkeys, then? Like in a drop-down chooser like AoE2:DE has?

Cinematic Mode is only for replays/observing. It works there. I wish it was on regular in-game as well.


+1 here. Mouse hotkeys were reported like 2-3 months ago. And i doubt that professional players etc didn’t reported it even earlier as well. Not sure why such simple thing is still not implemented in game.

After closer inspection I notice that I exagurated quite alot here.

Something has been done.
The townbell audio got reworked :slightly_smiling_face:


imagine not allowed to have a hotkey for the blacksmith. the devs even play the game?


Well i mean you can always just make control groups, but it’s annoying to do it every game.


this is what i do. but why? this is just a basic thing in a rts. hotkeys to important buildings.

imagine in aoe2 having to do group hotkeys to every building at the start of a match