Still no pause option or Save/load multiplayer games?

The game is almost completing 1 year of existence and yet there’s no option to pause or save/load an online game, which was a feature always present in the previous games of the series, a match against a team of 2 AI took almost 4h with my friend, and it wasn’t even hard difficulty. It’s impossible to stay playing nonstop for many hours against more than 2 AI in a big map which is something we could love to do but obviously with the ability to save and load the match to keep going in the next days. Also a feature to Pause the game is a must, people need to go to bathroom sometimes you know??


request a mod for that, fast multiplayer is fine as is

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I prefer to request those features to the developers who made the game, as those features have always been available in the past games and are obviously a must for long matches. Add 8 players in a huge map and see how many hours this match is going to take and then realize those features are needed into the game.


the team games ended by “wonder”, they complained and increased the cost, on old games it is normal that they take time if they do not have sacred sites

about features from previous aoe, i have requested more control groups, but each supports their own personal whims, right

The features I’m asking are not optional, they are completely necessary to the game if they give us the options currently available to customize our online match. If I create a custom game with 6 AI and 2 players in a colossal map size with win condition set to destroying the landmarks only, the game will take a huge amount of time to finish, obviously no one can keep going for like 10~20h straight into the game without the need to make some pauses or even keep going in the next day because of compromises.

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And how do you get 8 people to agree to reconnect and who decides the time?

They should give custom games the option to save so that friends could at least save and play later.

Would be mostly useless with randoms though.

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the same way as it happens in previous age of empire games. Also there’s AI option which is the way I like to play against with my team.

Yes, the purpose is to be able to save/load a custom game while you are playing with friends. Option to pause is really important also

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Yes, please add the ability to pause in multiplayer!!! It would be nice if we could save games too!

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