Stop merging game breaking bugs into 1 topic

If 2-3 people have a small problem, fine, merge them all into 1 topic.

If 100 people are having an issue playing malay, you keep the 100 topics around until its fixed so that the developers can see how serious of an issue it is, and don’t ignore it for an entire month…

You’re basically sweeping game breaking bugs under the rug by consolidating them into 1 topic, stop that. The fact that this hasn’t been hotfixed seems to support my belief that the devs don’t realize how big of a deal this is cause there isn’t a flood of topics to make this forum look bad and light a fire under their ■■■.

Hi @Krigeris,

Please see this topic on how the development team would like bug topics reported.

I can assure you that bug reports are not being ignored, even though it may appear so because replies from the community team or development team are limited. Consolidating all bug reports for the same bug into a single topic makes it easier for the development team and everyone else on the forums to track and discuss, including potential work-arounds, because all of the info about the bug report is in one place. The number of comments on the master bug report topic makes the topic louder. Please comment on such master bug report topics if you are experiencing the same issue, particularly if you have found a work-around. There is no intent to “sweep game breaking bugs under the rug”, only to keep the forum organized.

I understand there are a few bugs which the community, including myself, would urgently like to see addressed by the developers, however when and how hotfixes and updates are delivered is the responsibility of the development team.

We have not yet received a monthly update to the game, so there is a chance that this week an update will be released which will fix the urgent issues and other bugs.


I mean you’re not incorrect, they ignored the 750 post long thread telling them to not release the game in its state back then, even now I bet most would still agree its not ready to be released.

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If the devs are working on a fix then why don’t they tell us? The silence makes it look like they are trying to sweep game breaking bugs under the rug when they haven’t even acknowledged that there’s any problem at all.

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In the cases of the Malay bug and the double tech bug the community team has replied in each topic indicating the development team has been notified and a fix is in the works.