Two age up technologies appear in town center

11111 would be an overall buff

I reported this bug 2 days ago in a PM to a moderator because i dont think having a public thread with reprodution steps is agood idea, but i didnt make a detailed video like yours so atleast that should be helpful for fixing it. I am also 90% sure that a variation of this bug is the reason why you can research techs multiple times. A player that st4rk played with used it and it looked similiar in execution. Definitly not going to play anymore games until this is patched.


Just now, in the practice match between Chinese team and AM team, Nicov used slavic to upgrade the castle age for free. I’m sure this bug really exists.

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This is the same problem of the multiple techs queuing @GMEvangelos

Similar thing happened to me, researched Feudal age two times. I was Khmer in 4v4 ranked game.

Game Version:
Build: 101.101.36906.0 4941835
Platform: Steam
Operating System: Windows 10

This is accurate. it is being tracked and has a fix in the works! Thanks to everyone reporting the issue and including information to keep us in the know! :+1:

Game Version: 101101.36906.0 4941835

  • Build: I don’t know what “build” means.
  • Platform: Steam
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Gamertag: I don’t know what “Gamertag” means.


Sometimes buildings make the same improvements repeatedly or work alone and produce units. These do not appear in the production queue, but when this happens, the building is illuminated and there is a white bar below it.

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

  1. In this game, archery range was working alone and blacksmith did Brazer 4 times.
    At min 44 starts the bug.
  2. Check this game, they are my friends, and they are not cheaters, i was watching the game on discord and i saw that skirmishes had a lot of range, 5+7 range and 3+8 damage.
    Extra info: game was laggy and i had seen that before in 4 vs 4 laggy multiplayer ranked games.





This appears to be the same bug as mentioned in Two age up technologies appear in town center

Thanks for the detailed replay and screenshots!

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Thanks for the reply!

I am not the holder of this video
He shared in other forums
But it doesn’t seem to mention this BUG here
Don’t know how to use this bug
But this video holder is demonstrating with ai
Did not do explicit teaching
This has nothing to do with [going above and beyond]

pvp encountered this situation
I think this is serious


Same issue of here but maybe this is more clear.

It is a known bug and there is a tournament ongoing :=)

I know lots of people have discovered it but the devs haven’t said they’re working on any kind of hotfix or added it to the known issues list which is very concerning.

Game is unplayable in ranked until this is fixed. Please address it.

There is a bug where you can develop any tech more than once, even pass to feudal only paying 50 food instead 500.
You can even get paid for training militia instead paying for it. This allow to get free resources using the market.

This is happening in multiplayer lobbys without cheats enabled and even in ranked matchmaking.

The bug appeared with the 256x tech update.

I can’t understand how this is not fixed after so many days and videos in youtube from pro players exposing this.

Reproduction Steps:

Here’s how to reproduce the problem:

Having between 551 and 599 food try to do this:

  1. Start create one village and do the next steps before the village is created
  2. Press Q and Z at the same time and start to cancel the creation of the second village
  3. Repeat this until suddenly you will be get feudal in the list only paying 50 food instead 500.



Hello friends,

in a 1v1 ranked game I could see that the light cav of a friend of mine has +4/+5.
how is this possible? Only +3/+4 is possible. He doesnt know what he has upgrade. He just upgrade everything.

Post a screenshot if you have recording?

I saw a reddit post about this kind of bug. Here the possible explanation…

Watched a replay, we could see there is a blacksmith upgrade for cavalry did twice (click twice and it works). Dont know how it comes, at the moment we cannot reproduce it, but in this ranked game it was for him a good help.

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just amazing. Ranked is unplayable at the moment.

Game Version: 101.101.36906.0 4941835

  • **Build: 36906
  • **Platform: Steam
  • **Operating System: Windows 10
  • **Gamertag: Grakao


Some blacksmith upgrades are being researched twice by some players in Ranked Matches, resulting in an unintended amount of armor and piercing armor for the units affected (the double techs stack with one another, akin to the 256x tech cheat code).

Reproduction Steps:

I have no idea because that was of another player’s doing, and watching the replay under his PoV and seeing the unit/research queue, I’ve noticed the Ring Archer Armor upgrade being researched twice (not simultaneously, it just started being researched again after the first one was finished).

I did try to reproduce it in a Standard Game without success. All upgrades worked just fine.

To give some more detail on the subject, this was a Ranked 4v4 Black Forest game, where one of our opponents had a +4 melee /+6 pierce armor on his Elite Skirmishers as Saracens. Their teammates were Teutons, Lithuanians and Khmer, and none of them could provide such a team bonus.

I didn’t notice that while playing because I was fighting alongside my flank partner at the other side of the map (I was the green one, as shown in the screenshot below), but seeing the replay I just noticed that extra armor coming out of nowhere.

While watching the replay again to find an example, I just realized he did research Ring Archer Armor twice, by observing his unit/research queue. This resulted in a 10 pierce armor Elite Skirmisher, pretty unbalanced if you ask me.


Notice that the Elite Skirmishers have +4 melee and +6 pierce armor (Ring Archer Armor 2x):

Again, this was a Ranked Match, but I still think this issue might be related to the 256x tech cheat code somehow.