Story bug cant pause or army listen to command ( Steam Version)

Since release i had this bug, Every time in story mode random times cant pause and i lose controll in game. Army is still moving when i clicking where they should move but wont follow order.

This never happen in multiplayer or AI but only Story mode. Restarting helps but come back anytime.
This needs gets fixed ASAP…

Take look in this video as evidence on what happends

Update: I did play story on Xbox app and anything works like it should there, It means steam version have issues.

Hi, I have the same issues on steam, and as you, on the xbox app it works perfectly, so I agree with the fact that the steam version has issues.

The problems, for me, are in campaign mode, but also in single mode against IA. It is unplayable unfortunatly…

Same problem in this post : Losing control of units and some keybinds not working

Hey @RadiantOsprey16! I am unable to access your video, unfortunately.

Do you ever regain control of your units? Did you notice if your units went neutral?

No, I never gain controll over my untis and they dont go neutral . I have to restart the game to able to play agian… Try this link if you cant access it. 20211103_081129.mp4 on Vimeo

Will you fix this in update soon???

I’m unfortunately not quite sure what the issue might be. Can you contact support here with a summation of your problem and your DxDiag and any Crash Logs? It could help us get to the bottom of it.


Like i sad, There is nofing i can do from my end. The support is slow to answer…

I have update on this issue.

When i play and then the bug starts, when i click on google chrome or anything else then the story mode works like it should agian and then starts agian. This could be related to both age of empires iv and windows 11.

Fix this issue asap!