Strength of TC bonus of Persians

I would like to know how good u guys think about the TC work rate bonus of Persians.

To me they are a very good boom civ(arena pocket), NOT a very good eco bonus civ. It seems contradict, but I couldnt really feel their eco bonus when i am pocket in arabia, since I have a tendency to idle TC like 3-5 seconds per villager due to my limited Action per Minute, and the high food demand playing knights. It MAINLY increases my TC idle time, and a small bonus effect on having villagers out a FEW seconds quicker than normal. I would rather go for Malians and berbers instead as I like camel plays.

What do u guys feel? How does is it compared to malay, for like 25th min?

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I do not like persian for non hybrid map for two reason :
First they have not a lot of options for imp where there eco are one of the best until opponent reach the same number of villager, they have great cavalry , good gunpowder but infantry and archers are terrible (dont mention the trashbow this is’nt a main army choice just a complement of something )

and second, this bonus you mentionned is not really as good as you can think at first imo , since it also increase food invested in tc as well, it fells like having a 4th tc when you got 3, you will have a good economy fastest but you will need more food to maintain tc production so less army and you are quite exposed to agressive play style , hopefully they have doubled hp tc which help but there is other way to punish persian booming than pushing tc (castle on gold , just take map control, raid…). therefore if you just boom vs persian which is also booming or failed your agression you will probably loose since at long term this bonus is really strong.

They start woth extra food and wood because of these caveats. With more food and wood, you could actually use the bonus in dark age without being housed or idling TC. Now that only affects feudal age, after certain numbee of villagers the acaveats are less noticeable

I prefer the cheaper villager bonus from indians.

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Persians used to be one of the best civs in DE when they still had the bonus in the dark age.

Right now they are
S-Tier on hybrid maps
A to B-Tier on closed maps
C-Tier on Arabia / open maps

→ because their villager bonus is an investment bonus → therefore needs time to pay off. Open maps favour more fast and direct aggresion.

I think Persians are in a good spot right now.
Very good on certain maps. Mid-Tier on others…


Indians possibly the best bonus, as one hardly doesnt create villagers continuously for 1TC at least. For 3 TC the bonus is 30f per 25 seconds which is huge!

Since you can also just make more TCs from castle age on, the bonus shines actually in a prolonged feudal. Of course this costs a bit, but many civs save more via discounts like teutons, britons, indians…

Which also means, it is especially “strong” in open maps like arabia. But situational, only in a prolonged feudal.

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Now that they removed the bonus from Dark Age… I only ever use the douche part of the TC bonus in 1v1 games. Although you still get bonus resources in the dark age, so in terms of eco the civ is still better than average… but not as good as it once was.

For team games, I think this is still one of the best choices, especially on super closed maps like Amazon Tunnel. Just boom up to full War Elephants and it’ll be very powerful addition to the team army.

I never understood why the removed the Dark Age bonus, it wasn’t that huge was it? - Like its one “free” vill every 20th Vill - which is 1 in Dark Age if you go for standard 21 pop feudal scouts


Man it was like since the start you always were ahead economically in absurd number of maps (especially nomad), plus the smooth boom into Trashbows and cavalry was very OP.
Persian balance state right now is completely fine.

And it wasn’t like there was a huge complaint about Persians pre nerf:

I mean, you will be here complaining that: PeRsIaNs ToO Op!

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Yes Persians are balanced now. Proven by the voting result that their TC bonus are considered strong. I just need to have a habit of bit later to build extra TC and queue up more villagers

28 votes don’t mean much