Stuck in Loading Screen

Buddy of mine was able to play the first few campaign missions but now he gets stuck around 80% every time he tries to load into any type of game type. Anyone run into this and have a solution?


Having this issue as well but posted it in discussion by mistake. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled twice, turned off antivirus/firewall and basically deleted all my other games to free up space and make sure it’s not something going on there but no luck. Drivers are up to date as well. No luck.

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exact same issue here for me. made it to mission 4, now any game only loads to 80% then sits there forever

Happening to me as well after 9 hours of normal game play. I made it to the Battle of Bremule mission and now everything including skirmishes, campaign missions, and multiplayer battles wont make it past 80% loading. I also noticed that when I try to join my friends party group it says “joining game” and then gives a failure error

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Thanks for sharing this report. We’re going to have our team take a look. Can you all let us know what campaign missions you’re seeing this on?

My game functioned fine for 9 hours until I reached the Battle of Bremule mission, that is where this issue started and I haven’t been able to load any battles ever since despite reinstalling. Every other function of the game seems to be unaffected except what I mentioned above. I have heard people saying that they got this bug while attempting to play earlier missions in the Norman campaign as well.

Also having this issue. At the same space in the game. This is now impacting the loading of multiplayer matches as well, consistently gets stuck at around 2/3s or the loading bar and would sit there forever if I let it.

I bet 100$ every single way you try to load some sort of match you will get stuck at 80% loading bar with the game tips, music, and loading bar graphics all functioning perfectly fine.

Like this

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This is the first time I’ve seen someone show something different than 80% successfully loaded out of the 5 other people I’ve seen this happen to on the steam forums and such.

And the same thing in Multiplayer. Looks like even one other guy got stuck too.

That’s exactly what’s happening to him, during the time I was actually able to play I saw 1 guy who had the 80% glitch and it forced me and my friend to task manager force quit our games due to lack of response, The game would have been quite happy to continue letting us wait however. We ended up having to use the task manager to force quit the game because it wouldn’t shut down when prompted.

Thank you for looking into our issue. I noticed it started when I reached The Battle of Tinchebray. Now I’m stuck in loading at 80% each time. This is effecting all game types it appears now. Multiplayer, single player/skirmish and the Art of War all have the same issue now.

edit: I’m playing on PC with the game pass.

For me it started when I reached the Battle of Bremule as well. affects every game mode, no many how many times I try to restart the game.

Hello - could anyone encountering this issue, please submit warnings.log files to our support team? Link here:

submitted, but I don’t see any warnings.log files anywhere

just submitted my warnings.log

Same issue, stuck on the loading screen of The Battle of Bremule. Won’t load past the 60-80% mark, as noted in the posted screen shot in this thread. Hope we can get a fix soon for this. Playing on PC btw.

Hey all, my friend and I found a fix. Looks like it was a corrupted save file, why this causes all game modes to hitch is beyond me.

We were able to fix by going into the documents folder in our pc’s and deleting all file in the data store and save files:

this was the path on my pc: \Documents\My Games\Age of Empires IV\Users\76561198058791938

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Danke, der Tipp hat mir sehr geholfen