Stunning graphics! Thanks to the great developers for helping us realize our dreams!


Black watch highlanders also get unique appearances?!

Please upload every RG skins? This is lit!!!


Now that is awesome - great job Devs!


So many units have unique skins now it’s crazy. I love our devs!!!


That spear would look really nice for Qiang Pikeman
Maybe a mod will do the job

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Our devs are the best :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Do the Spanish RG units still have the medieval look?
EDIT: At least no for halberdiers

Really nice looking units.


Well done devs :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


I wish Crusader Knights wouldn’t slow down the Hospitallers, especially for that little measly damage they get from it now, it should rather upgrade them in another way, I’d love to have those helmets on them. DEUS LO VULT. I love these visual changes in general.

Interestingly they are introducing to the game the spontoon, which is a very iconic weapon (well of course not very common. No weapon is more common than muskets and pikes) of the period but the game initially missed.

Edit: I think that weapon model was first introduced by the French hero in Fort Duquesne?

BTW why give awesome new skins to some church tech mercenaries when you cannot train them…

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I guess Kalmucks will have a new skin in the update. I wonder what is the infantry that looks like Schiavoni

Same with the riflemen in red, the ones behind Dragoons (which I guess, they will have a unique skin with the Carabinieri tech)


1st photo, the cavalry are yours, with Line Infantry Helmet?

The Bersaglieri Redshirts are your mods, aren’t they?

French grenadiers and skirmishers are yours?

Black Knight horse is official?

Spanish Halberdiers (awesome designed) and caped Tercios are official or yours?

These are all official following this update. All Royal guard units have unique looks now.


I have a feeling theres more going on. Many of this artwork is not really necessary, so why spend money on them? For a free update? I don’t think so!

Could be my wishful thinking tho, so…


Btw, do they update or re-skin for Asian civs units on this update?

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That is awesome that the royal guard units will look unique now add some flavor. Especially for those who play single player. When does this patch come out. These all are official re skins not mods right?

Yes! That’s right.
Yes! That’s right.
Yes! That’s right.