Stunning graphics! Thanks to the great developers for helping us realize our dreams!

These are all official

Yes, that is right, they aer all official

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Then, those redshirts are Revolutioners?

And yes, I am sure devs and players love the game. I’m sure all of us are excited with the changes

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They are skins for Bersaglieri after sending the Garibaldini card. This card was previously named Redshirts.

This will be new italian dragoon skin ?
I hope its sooooo cool
Carabinieri yes ? Or im wrong ?

The reskinned carbine rider from the church tech.

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Yes i guessed that
Imagine they replace them with italian dragoons & replace that basilica’s upgrade with other unit/tech
It will be much better

I’ve seen a video, and they are actually the Revolutionaries from the Risorgimento tech. They get a new skin and are renamed to Redshirts

Oh thank god i love the current bersagliere skin and don’t want to see them in those red skins

Pavisiers will get new skins when we upgrade them to guard level ?

Haven’t seen it yet. Maybe they will

Please tell me if those are the Portuguese Dragoons!! (The ones with armor).

I really like these Portuguese brown uniforms.

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Those are the unique black riders sent with theOrder of Tower and Sword tech via church card.

I like the Portuguese skins however do those Crossbowmen RG textures seem a little ahistorical? Anyone know if they really had cowboy crossbows?! :grin:

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Their hats remind me of Schutztruppe hats - German colonial troops in Africa.

Being on the subject of Germany and Africa, I would like to see German Askari units.


Found this on the net: Caruma: O figurino e a ordenança


I fully support this! :+1: I also suggested this in one of the Austria threads but got shot down because of a supposed time period limit. I can’t remember if it was the Berlin Conference (1884-1885) or some other event. But yeah! it would be awesome to include colonial troops like the German Schutztruppe, the British King’s African Rifles, the Belgian Force Publique and the French Foreign Legion


Yeah, their Napoleonic uniforms were rather brown, however just seem at odds with a crossbow!