[suggestion] add a slider for decay decay animation duration in the graphics settings

According to Advanced Genie Editor most of the units have a decay animation duration of 30. I understand that the shorter decay time compared to the HD edition was probably introduced due to performance reasons. However, it would still be great if there was the possibility to change decay duration by changing a slider in the graphics settings. The slider should affect both unit and projectile (arrows etc.) decay animation duration (and also blood?).

This would bring two advantages:

  • weaker machines would benefit from a possible performance boost, since the decay time can now be reduced

  • on stronger machines, the decay time can be increased, which would make battles more immersive, as corpses and projectiles would stay on the battlefield for a longer time


Can’t agree more. I can’t play the game without Visible Corpses mod. But a slider would be better. Also skeletons should be brought back.