(Suggestion) Add some more complex attacking animations

I have 250 hours on de, 250 on HD, and another 500 on the earlier versions. I never saw such a boring unit attack, why don`t you add some fighting type like in the new Total War. The fights are not just 2 swordsmen hitting each other with a sword in the same way until they die. It would be fun nice when a unit dies the other unit could push him down or cut him with his sword. Not casually going down with no reason. Also, the building collapse looks as the buildings were destroyed from inside down. It would be nice when trebuchets hit a castle, that the walls would be a bit destroyed.

Wait for Aoe3 DE

Wait for Aoe4

These are just some simple things, when a unit dies, the other could just push him with the leg or cut him with his sword while moving.

the problem is the game engine.

they could find a way to do it, these things are going to make the game more fun to play and not repetitive

At the same time i am reading a guy complaining about performance, more animations would increase the weight and might impact on performance for lower ends.

Aoe 3 have all those things you are asking, aoe iv will be another medieval game so you should wait for it for more modern animations and effects.


just because you think something is more fun doesn’t mean others will, and as @SouMexican pointed out, this will impact game performance, and i can guarantee there are those who won’t be happy with it.

if such a feature is added to the game it should be a completely separate optional download.

If you buy this game you need to be aware that you need a pretty good pc. How is pushing a unit down decreasing performance =D. This is just no-sense. Also, I dont like Aoe3 and Aoe4, Aoe2 has its special thing and player-base, I would like to see these changes in this game.

You can`t disagree that the fighting in this game is irealistic. It will not impact game performance, pushing a unit down when it dies or a trebuchet razing down some walls is not going to do something like that.

It is not possible in this game engine.


No, they can’t
The engine is using 2D sprites, not fully 3D models

This is like asking for Brutal Doom on the DOS version of the game (even tho Brutal Doom doesn’t have destructible walls)

I mean another thing, when the unit dies the last attack of the enemy should be different.

It just can’t happen.

It’s still the engine using 2D sprites.

It can’t really determine a killing blow dude.

This also can’t be possible, as the attack animation is not always in sync with the damage dealt.

I suppose that the only possible thing that wouldn’t require too much of an engine change would be to create various attack animations and display them at random (for example, different swing attacks for the champion). It would require work to add all those animations, rewrite part of the code to allow displaying those various animations, which is something the team that’s currently in charge of DE probably can’t do. Remember that the development cycle is technically ended and DE is now only receiving balance patchs and bugfixes, with new features only being UI related.

Yeah. That would be nice. I mean there is only 1 attack animation.

At least they should make random attack animations then.

Yeah let’s turn this 30gb game into a 40gb game.

no one disagrees with that, fighting is unrealistic in RTS in general.

adding a whole bunch of new animations isn’t going to impact performance? do explain. because in games like SC2 and other high visual RTS games, the pros literally play on low settings.

I’d disagree on the fact that animations alone make performance worse. Having 3 or 4 different animations for an attack won’t do much, since in the end you’d still play a single animation for the unit. The real FPS killers in games are anti aliasing, post processing, visual effects and physics (those are what pros disable).

The real issue here is:

  • does the engine allow using multiple animations per unit for the same task ?

If so:

  • do the devs have the resources do add new animations ?
  • do the devs believe that the game needs those features and there is enough demand from the community for that feature ?

i’m not saying it’s going to have a huge impact, but one of the main draws of age of empires 2 has always been the low end nature of the game, DE kind of damaged that, and adding more animations and visuals would definitely impact that even worse. remember all the complaints when DE went live about MP requirements being so high?