[Suggestion] Adding new features for selecting villagers

DE has many good features. but i’m sure something is missing and i know many other players are agree with me.

Please add a hotkey or command for selecting all villagers of same job in screen.
my suggestion is adding SHIFT (or CTRL) + double click on a villager then all of villagers with same job will be selected e.g. all farmers or all lumberjack

doing this on idle villager select all idle villagers in screen ( we already have “select all idle villager in map” hotkey but this one is different and really useful )

this feature will save game from apocalyptic miss-click when you suddenly select all of villagers instead of one and order all of them to build a house :smiley:


Isn’t it already possible, though, to select multiple villagers and then filter them by type with Shift+Left Click?

Another thing I would love added is being able to select single villagers, from the resources HUD, whevener they’re working on them.

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I think that’s a great idea. Maybe they could at least implement this in AOE4 if its too hard /no dev time with AOE2.


Whats wrong with doing a selection box instead?

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imagine you lure a boar and you want to select your hunter villagers (and not farmers or shepherds) in TC’s yard and task them to attack lured boar

or you were rushed and all of your vills are idle now with resources in their pocket you, in order to avoid resource loss you have to send vills to their previous work.

and some other examples …


When I have send a bunch of villagers somewhere to build something but the thing has to be repositioned, when selecting all shepherds without selecting the sheep, and in many other situations, it would be very useful. Also intuitive, to me.

As far as I’m concerned it could replace the current double click behaviour.


In aoe 3 when I want to rebalanced my eco, I look the at counter how many villagers are on a res, then shift klick on that number. It would then select a group of villagers working on that Ressource.

It works really good and has been in the game for 15 years. I wish this could be ported to de.