Suggestion for improved unit selection

So I’m a new player to aoe4 (not rts), as I was learning the hotkeys it struck me that unit selection is quite inefficient.

Here’s what I mean:
Villagers can only be selected via hot key if they are idle, on your screen, all of the vills you control or individually based on what resource they are gathering.

Personally I believe it would be much simpler to say select a group of vills by radius, for example instead of selecting each vill individually you could select by radius based on the resource they are gathering, so if I were to select villagers gathering wood it would select all vills In a certain radius exclusively gathering wood. There could be a variation to include vills with other jobs too. This would make macro/ micro much easier. (At least speaking from my own personal experience)

You could implement similar controls into military so you don’t have to be constantly changing around and adding individual units to control groups you could cycle by radius. (And I don’t mean idle military) this could make the whole process of raiding or rushing much easier, you could also have two different hotkeys one for navel and one for land. Perhaps even by unit type if you want to get fancy and quickly select all the archers in a battle for improved macro.


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I want more control groups for water maps