Suggestion for Saracens

I have 3 Options here about Saracens that o want to discuss with you.
First of all, i am totally disagree to make any archer be able to melt buildings, not only the stupid Obsidian arrow, but even Saracens. Well i discussed the obsidian arrows before in another topic and i suggested to remove this tech completely from the game and give the Mayans something else, but here i want to talk about Saracens.

I actually want to remove anything that make archers be able to melt buildings even if it is a little thing because such a thing really sick and should never ever be inteoduced in the game, and i have 3 suggestions about Saracens and wanted to ask what will be the best for them:

1-Remove their archers attack bonus vs buildings completely from the game and give them the cavalier upgrade for their knights.
2-Remove their archers bonus attack vs buildings and make it only for CA.

3-Remove their archers attack bonus vs buildings completely from the game and give them dark age eco bonus which it is (Villagers gather 30% more food from hunting boars/deers)

Personally i prefer number 3, so what do you think?

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This is the only part I agree with.

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Well i make 3 suggestion this is your opinion and i recpect it, but the reason why i prefer number 3 because Saracens actually don’t have any eco bonus (except market which need to buy/sell to make it work) and don’t have any military discount.

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If you give every civ a dark age bonus, then what will make civs like Mongols unique.


But their are many civs have dark age bonus rather than Mongols which they are (Goths, Bebers, Japs, Britons, Lithuanians, Celts…and so on). If you mean hunting well this is different, because i said +30% more food but not faster like Mongols

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What’s the Berber bonus?

Villagers move 10% 11… i know it is a meh bonus actually but at least they have cheap stables units

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Lets give a civ based in the desert a bonus to hunting.


Actually they were good hunters and even in desert hunting exist too, and if we want to talk with historical background then Aztecs and Mayans says “11” with their siege and navy

On second thought, I go with the third option but don’t remove their archers attack bonus.

and yet many civ bonuses tie to the actual civ in some way, like Chinese starting with extra villagers representing their massive population.

Aztecs and Mayans were given navy and siege because of this game thing called “Balance”.


Yeah but even Saracens were good at hunting too and even in desert hunting was existed. Well it is all about balance and bonuses in the end for the game

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do you got a source for that? because google comes up blank. and yes, hunting exists, but its often sparse in desert areas.

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Well if you want something much better as special thing for the civ, then lets talk about the Arabian horse. The Arabian horse is the best, fastest and strongest horse in the world, so what Saracens have in the game about this?! Then give them something for their knignts/light cav because they have the best horse in the world, lets say Lightcav/scouts regenerate 25%

no, i think the current bonus is fine. saracens are not a top tier civ, nor are they a bad civ, leave them as is.

that still doesn’t provide a source though for your claim about their hunters.

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I was talking in general eco bonus for the civ and i gave 3 suggestions but you didn’t say anything about what you prefer and just criticized the 3rd option and as i said that every region in the world have hunting it is not something for specific region/civ

yes every region has hunting. some people are better hunters then others. some are better farmers, some were better fishers,. point is, your claim was they were good hunters. as in it was something they were known for around the world.

and yeah i criticize the 3rd because its out of place. furthermore i don’t agree with nerfing them period.


Just say this from the beginning it will not be problem, but as i said something that make archers be able to melt buildings should not be in the game this is why i wrote this

yes that +3 to 5/6 attack is just game breaking. especially since it doesn’t affect fortifications armor, just the standard side, so it doesn’t even double dip.
with everything you find you don’t like about this game i wonder why you even bother playing it.


No, i like the game but i found these bonuses are broken. You don’t know how Saracens xbows with their +3 vs buildings what can do, and it is not Saracens too, Mayans especially their sick UT should be removed from the game