Suggestion: Give the Lakota, Haudenosaunee, and Aztecs unique maps like you did the Incas

The minor Inca civ, unlike the other native civs that were upgraded to full civs, were not removed from the game, and instead were given unique settlements and a special map where they feature. The other three native civs should receive the same treatment, with special settlements and a unique map just for themselves.


Well technically they do have their ‘home’ maps, the indirect answer to that would be Great Plains(Lakota), New England(Haudenosaunee), and Yucatan(Aztec) for the Cheyenne, Huron, and Zapotec respectively. I do think though that those old aoe3 nilla minor civs still exist in the game files and work with all their natural units and techs, so maybe they could add them into the rotations for those maps at most.

Oh, they do exist, removing them would break the campaigns from the original game, and their units still feature in the game to this day, the Mohawk Statesman and treasure reward Tomahawks are the minor native variant, and on Sonora you can rescue minor native Eagle Warriors.

I have a good idea for return! If one or more players chose a CIV (Lakota, Haudenosaunee, Aztecs or Inca) - Then (Cheyenne, Huron, Zapotec or…) their will be on the map! If the player does not choose this civs, then there will be NATIVE (Lakota, Haudenosaunee, Aztecs or Inca).

Upper Andes is the exact same map as the default version with the only difference of having the Inca as natives.

If the “home” maps of other natives return they should be separate versions.
Also a lot of them are broken and don’t work with Asian Civilisations for example. The Haudenosaunee have a technology that allows to train Tomahawks in Barracks that doesn’t work for Asians.

The maps should be:
Mexico, Great Lakes and Great Planes.

The other option would be to make new maps that have a higher focus on those native settlements.

Um, no, the maps are very different and require different strategies, on Andes - Upper teams can wall themselves in with the native settlements, on Andes it’s impossible to do this as you need to cross the rivers into the central strip to reach the settlements.