[suggestion] hotkey to select idle military units of any class

A hotkey that would select all idle military units (also war ships) would be really helpful.

Units that can’t currently be selected altogether, through hotkeys:


The latest patch released today maybe addressed your concern:

  • “Added a new hotkey: “Select all idle military units”


I don’t know if war ships are possible with this new hotkey, though. I haven’t tested. Admittedly, it seems like it’d be strange if it grabbed all war ships with this hotkey – since normally one wants to grab land units. There should probably be a completely separate hotkey for selecting all idle war ships

it’s a patch of aoe2, not aoe1


Lol, good point. Sorry! I didn’t notice my search results put me in AoE1 land :frowning:

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I still have hope for this new hotkey to be added in future updates :pray:


Come on, devs. Allow us to select all units to hunt our enemies down with all we’ve got! :joy:

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Ships can’t wait for this new hotkey to be a thing!