Come on Devs and MS! When a new patch? There are several pending things!

I love AoE1 but it’s a bit of a miracle it got a DE version at all. I view it as a ground-testing and fans service project.
Played recently (solo) and didn’t encounter any bugs.

What’s your prediction for the Age games now that the 4th was released?

I think the most certain thing is having 1 and 3 maintaining a relative stable number, while 2 and 4 are going to dispute for the throne. Either way, I hope developers do not abandon the bug-fixing updates for AOE1 and AOE3. And I want a Definitive Edition for Age of Mythology, also.

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April 2021, latest update. Hoping for a new one not so long in time :disappointed:

The next april is far away.

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Or worst: not having any updates anymore. What makes me both mad and sad is Microsoft not maintaining some kind of effective communication with their community. I mean, I would appreciate a message like:

“We will work hard on all other games except this one, but don’t worry, for we won’t abandon support, bug addressing, and performance improvements. We don’t guarantee new content being added, though. We’ll probably reserve that for newer games”.

Is it that hard to make such a statement for a big company? Unless they normally forget about the game and only come back to it when it’s filled with either frequent or constant nightmarish bugs… I’d like to think about the first case, but my “social” instincts tell me that 2nd option is more likely to be the truest. Alternatively, we can dream about this one:

“We are letting players around the globe test Age of Empires IV while we work both in expansions (DLC) and improvement updates for Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, and at the same time, finish development of Age of Mythology: Definitive Edition, which will include 4 new campaigns, 6 new civilizations, 44 additional maps and features never seen before in the Extended Edition. There’s more to be revealed in future announcements, and we can’t wait to let you guys know”.

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Three years and the armored ele animation glitch no fixed…


I guess they don’t care that they are selling buggy and flawed products, which should not to be very hard to fix.



I know right… A simple announcement would do a lot for this game, a patch twice a year even could breath a lot of life here…


Do you know why so many these games like Grey Goo, Cossacks, C&C remastered died instantly??? BEcause it has no hotkeys… You do most actions with your keyboard in RTS… Forced to click symbols, also I want to play a game, not clicking icons whole time… Starcraft has this in 1998 and is still relatively better than most modern RTS in terms of UI, hotkeys etc… Like how hard it is to implement hotkeys for building buildings, this drivers me crazy. It is so obvious basic thing, it is like to not have waypoints things, or not having hotkeys for unit groups. This is absolutely basic thing to have in any RTS game…

I don’t know what you’re talking about, there are hotkey settings in this game, though the lack of an eraser makes it frustrating since it is required to have one key used for everything that is not of interest.

I you’d like new hotkeys to be added, like this one, I agree. I want more of them too.

Not sure if AoE1 was only created to release a Trilogy but there definitely needs to be new patches made and more features have definitely got to be added. Also, we should have the Writing technology become a free technology to research because we don’t want to pay to see our allies’ line of sight.


That allies can see each other can be set during match creation.

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That’s a good idea because then, we can be already seeing our allies right at the beginning of the game.

This is not an idea but a current real option.

Is there still something there? :thinking:

Wird verarbeitet: Screenshot_20220602-165123_Facebook.png …

Doubt it, but if I’m wrong, then great. Right now I’m not playing any Age game currently, but would love to play AOE1DE again when/if pretty important issues get a fix.


theres someone porting a lot of aoe1 units into aoe2de game as a mod. should check it out.

Oh! I didn’t think I’d ever see a comment on this thread again!

Honestly it really does not matter if people comment on this thread unless it’s something directly related to AOE1DE and has to do with its development progress.
In order to not make my comment uninformative, here’s a screenshot of the depots page for this game showing the last time it was updated (beta + final build) as of now:

You can check the status of the game’s development by opening the link I shared. If the builds are still referred as 6464341, then nothing changed since update no. 46777.