Suggestion list for people who resist Auto queue

  1. Remove mouse right click. Every command you use single mouse left click on the panel, including move, stop, attack.
  2. Remove attack move.
  3. Remove shift button function.
  4. Remove auto attack when enemy in your sight.
  5. Remove gathering point.
  6. Remove hot key.
  7. No longer shows how many villager gathering resources.
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  1. Limit unit selection to 1
  2. Remove population shown on the panel
  3. No longer queuing different types of units and techs at the same time
  4. Remove waypoint indicator lines

Why none of you request to remove above functions? Or add penalty if you want to use them.
All of above can direct strongly enhance your “skill” APM. Make you no more lazy. You don’t want convenience in a RTS game.
OMG please stop requesting to remove auto queue just only because it is AOM specific.


Also, limit unit selection to 1. Then it will be a really skilzzzful game :crazy_face:


Majority of people suggesting to remove auto-queue, that i saw, are people who

  1. never played AOM or played it very very casually (and basically think they aren’t good in this game because of autoqueue, that they can also use)


  1. only played aoe2 / aoe4 and think every rts needs to have aoe2 mechanics

Auto queue is a must to have for newer people to focus on the fun parts of the game, so they will actually stay to play the game on the long term; it isn’t a coincidence that the most popular civ among the noob-mid players in AOE3, the most asymmetrical series in the francise, and the most difficult to get into, is a civ that allows you to have automation on some aspect of the game (villager creation is automated). And for pro players, it doesn’t really change anything.

It is a feature anyone can use, but still requires macro knowledge (strategy and knowledge) to pull it off on a decent level. And it simplifies many aspects of the rts genre:

  • attention required to always queue for things, especially when you are focused in microing your army and might forget to queue more units resulting in you losing the entire game for just a battle
  • spending resources without overfloating too much which is a double edged sword as it can lead to you not having enough resource to upgrade things, for example, but it helps to not have 5k res on your bank just sitting around

I hope they didn’t decide to remove it consulting some aoe2 players/fans as it isn’t because of it that aoe2 is popular. Also remaining in the context of changes made to Retold, i really don’t like the 5th age, where god powers are cheaper and can be used more, because it will just be an unbalanced mode and the game will become a ‘fifth age rush’ mode, as anyone that can reach it first, basically has guaranteed victory with the right god power choices, as God Powers aren’t fully balanced on their own.

One solution i thought:

  1. if anyone reaches the wonder age, ALL players in the game are automatically upgraded to have the wonder age benefits ( reduction in cd of god powers, and their costs) so players don’t just rush to it, but have to carefully consider if they really want to age.


  1. wonder age has a huge cost.

Sometimes it sounds like people don’t want to play the new AoM, but rather a radically different game with mechanics that are foreign to the base game, just with the AoM skin. This is not Age of Empires: Mythology Retold, this is Age of Mythology: Retold.


From my understanding, the Wonder Age reminds me of getting a Titian. High cost to research, long build time, and fragile building structure, but when you get that Titian out oh baby! You haven’t won yet but now you have a much better chance especially if you play it smart.

I hope that Wonder Age is like that, a capstone that is high cost, high reward. I’m assuming like other Age Ups we’ll have to build a structure like a Wonder to unlock the Age Up choice, then pay for it before paying for the godpower recharges. If your Eco is booming to that extent in a regular game then you’re already close to victory.


Couldn’t agree more and it’s quite annoying. The fan base just want AOM, with updated visuals, a few quality of life improvements, future support and dlcs. I’ve even seen people saying they want more human units for each civ, get rid of Norse soldier build mechanic, give all civs the same hero line in the Greek fashion, etc. The civ variety and uniqueness of each is an absolute key cornerstone of AOM.

I do trust the devs though. They seem to know that the vast majority of the fans are old school players who just want their beloved game brought up to scratch, not torn down and re-hashed into a whole new and unrecognisable game


You and I are on the same level. I appreciate the enthusiasm from these new players and those who haven’t sunk dozens to hundreds of hours in this series. But I fear they don’t really understand what is so special about this game and just see things as very unbalanced (I won’t lie and say some things aren’t or at least need a tweak or two there). As you and others have said, they want Civs to be more symmetrical and more in line, eliminating unique features or dumbing them down.

I lot of AoM’s appeal to me at least, is its embracing of unique features for each Civ, like its different methods of gathering favor, myth units, god powers, etc. It’s an asymmetrical RTS game where each Civ. is as different as the cultures and periods they come from, but there is also just enough familiarity in there that makes them easy to learn. I’m optimistic regarding the Devs. and their commitment to making it the game EE was supposed to be. We’ll see just how committed and respectful they are to this old game and its fans in due time.

Or played the base game before The Titans came out.

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You’re talking like AoE2 hasn’t introduced a fuckton of QoL improvements over the years, only a handful of which were controversial in some relevant level.

Titans came out 9 months after the base game… All these posts are from people that were there back then from 2002-2003? And decided to not play the game till retold would remove the auto queue? Lmao

So what ‘aoe2’ does is good, but what ENSEMBLE studio did, the original studios, is bad?


I’m starting to think that the anti-autoqueue peeps just want to turn every game in this series into e-sports bait. They’re probably the same type who just whine about “OP” civ abilities in the forum because they’re favourite streamer conplained about it once, while having only middling ELO themselves.


Are you determining what’s good or bad for the game solely based on who did it?

The point there is that despite aoe2 de introducing a ton of more auto features, like you said, almost none were recieved badly, but when AOM’s auto feature isn’t liked by the aoe2 community, but widly used by anyone playing AOM, it needs to be removed? We already saw with AOE4 what happens when you try to please the AOE2 community, in hope that they play the other game as well: they might try it, but they will stick to AOE2 whatever problems it might have (3 years with broken pathing now). Pleasing the AOE2 community won’t improve any chance AOM gets big, Worlds Edge needs to try to get newer players into the RTS genre.

Me mentioning the original developers is to respect a vision of the game they had and ensure that it grows upon that, without deleting mechanics without understanding them. Why did they introduce auto queue? Lets focus on its successor; AOE3: This feature was removed in AOE3, even if AOE3 shares the AOM engine, as AOE3 allowed you to batch train units. So because they removed this in favour of the batch training, we can deduce it is a similar reason AOE2 introduced gates while aoe1 doesn’t have it: they tried to improved mechanics they thought were lackuster in their previous franchises. And we know from interviews with the game designers that, when designing any of the age of empires game, they didn’t care about what mechanics pro player thought would be better, they mainly tried to improve the game on what they thought would be benfitial for the majority of the players.

That these days the avg player is parroting what pro players says without thinking about his own situation; what would be benefitial to him, is because of lack of critical thinking, with too much consumption of video media.


Incorrect. AutoQ should be removed from ranked (and be on default off in custom lobbies) because its absence enhances effectiveness of your strategies.

Supremacy in RTS should stay as strategic as possible. Point of removing autoQ is to not to make strategies difficult to implement by making everyone play with 2 button controller, but increase effect of distracting your opponent.

Fighting games exist for those who want to rely purely on combat mechanics. Those who want massive army combat without managing economy, can play games like Total War or gamemodes like Deathmatch. There are even plenty of custom maps like Food Wood Gold, if you want more casual experience. AutoQ shouldn’t exist because “comfort” is not within top 3 importance for ranked supremacy based gameplay: competitiveness, strategy and depth come before that.

If you are comfort seeking casual and like autoQ, then don’t play ranked and make your own autoQ lobbies where only other casuals will join. Or play ranked and have subpar economy, as you can enjoy the game regardless of having perfect production.

In eyes of those who understand why not having autoQ is so important, people who are for autoQ are those people who refuse to learn using hotkeys for production buildings, are unable to queue multiple villagers at once or adapt their army to the situation: “AutoQ villagers, go afk for tea, then spam Turma whole game. Managing favor? Pff, too much work” - their motto. Why not just press 5 (where you hotkeyd military building) then shift + q, and you’re done. Clicking buttons isn’t difficult, paying attension is. What people are asking is to play RTS with 3 APM and that is reason why they’re hard to take seriously. Why not launch up Hearthstone or Sims at that point…

For this reason alone it doesn’t actually matter if it is added or not, at least as an opponent to it. If it does in fact take away from a players ability then they will learn to play without it as they adapt to higher levels of play. There’s something to this idea of players being incapable of strategizing and needing to distract their opponent. Your argument could be applied to anything that would remove the opponents attention from the game, making something like chatting at them and insulting them also a valid tactic. It’s just not enough of a reason to not implement a feature, and your argument kind of defeats itself.

It also doesn’t address why people actually would want to have it added.

I mean genuinely, what is there to be afraid of if playing without it is so superior? Why even bother being opposed then? It’s not like anyone is suggesting you need to use autoqueue…


All of my suggestions can make “No absence enhances effectiveness of strategies”, “force more attention in the game”, “make larger gap between Pro, med and noob”, etc.
Why only Auto queue? Bias?
I like “limit unit selection to 1” this suggestion, the most strategy I can see from it, you need to determine every unit action in a second.

Take an example:
Starcraft 1 gathering point for eco unit will not make it work on resource automatically.
Starcraft 2 eco unit can automatically work on resource.
Starcraft 1 requires more “skill” but both of them are famous competitive RTS game.

I can’t see why AOM has auto queue will fail to become a “competitive RTS”. It just has its own specific function.

If you want more “competitive”, should follow my suggestions. Not only auto queue.

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Of anyone whos playing AoM at all since it was released, what’s your guess on the folks that play it without Titans?

We’re not discussing an expansion released last year. We’re talking about one released over 20 years ago.

Try to introduce auto-queue to AoE2 to see how that’s received.

Auto-queue existed for most of AoM’s lifespan, so of course it wouldn’t be received well on AoE2.

Also, if we’re talking about the game needing to balance something like this, we might as well ask the devs to remove Atlanteans. I’ve seen the AI play like a god with Atlanteans, but absolutely suck with Egyptians.

World’s Edge just gave a talk about this on the Xbox Meet the Creators Panel.

For Retold… We are going beyond that. There are a lot of new features, quality of life features… We have also learned a lot over the last few years on the other titles, to see how we can make strategy games and especially real-time strategy games a lot more approachable.
Age of Mythology Retold is the most approachable Age game we have ever built. We have added a lot of features to make it much easier for people to play the game. All sorts of things being added.

Like they’re adding a Villager priority system to set villager gathering for you. That didn’t exist in any version of AoM before.
I don’t really understand the concern about auto-queue when that exists.