[Suggestion] Make Fur Market able to be built on mines

It has been suggested before, but now with African Royals, Ethiopians can build Mountain Temples on top of the mines, so now that it’s coded, why not make the same to the Fur Market of North American natives?

If we have a proxy, I think that for me it helps a little bit more the immersion.

Make Fur Markets buildable on top of mines:

  • Yes
  • No

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Well… the advantage is that you can gather twice as fast on a mine if you make a secondary fur market on the same mine.
I wouldn’t want to get rid of that.

This was my suggestion of how tribal markerplace should work. I posted it last year. It seems the new african mechanics are very similar to to the ones I described: building on top of mines that generates an extra resource (influenxe instead of xp) and a building that attracts animals. Im guessing that now that the mechanics are in the game, it should be able to at least be modded in, although preferably they should be implemented in the base game.

Also, why african nations have small scale agriculture and lakota and hauds have states and farms?

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prospector wagons mines don’t fit.

Suggestions of others and yours had been implemented in the new DLC, as the devs says they do read our post and the new mechanics proves it we can only wait and see if more are coming for the old civs as well

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Yes, I know only want them to add a similar mechanic to the tribal marketplace so lakotas can actually protect mines from other players mining them, as the mountain monastery seems to work.

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