Suggestion: Make the "find all military" hotkey inapplicable to Aztec warrior Priests

I’m sure this is a question that has annoyed many Aztec players for a long time.

In the real game, Warrior Priest basically only work as an economic unit in the community plaza for most of the games. But when players use the “Find All Military” hotkey, warrior priests are always selected incorrectly and join the battle.


They have “warrior” in their name haha. But yeah its hard to micro

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Also, why are they unaffected by WC aura?? Why the vs treasure bonus then??
And we keep waiting for autowork on the plaza after trained (already in Singleplayer)

Everything is wrong🙃

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It could be done simply removing the MilitaryUnit tag, I think

Would also like this to apply to Haudenosaunee when they age up with the Healer.

But why do you use my ex-girlfriend as your profile pic?

yes please, and a hotkey for capitol only instead of town center and capitol

Native Healer unit doesn’t have “land military” tag. So actually they are already unselectable by using this hotkey. The only exception is Aztec WP

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yea the autowork is really need it

this is the reason why i dont play aztec despites being for me one of the most interesting civs

check this video, any doubt write it on the commentaries. @IceBox9557

dont forget to restart the game

give thanks to this An Introductory Guide to Customizing Additional Hotkeys

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This issue is keeping me from playing Aztec. Need the rework!

I would like a solution like this:

That would let you keep some at the Plaza, but have the option of bringing one or two with your army.

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