Suggestion: Mexican Lancers

This was an idea that I had some months ago and I want to share.

Chinacos (and Charros) are alright for the Mexican civilization, after all they were notable during the 19th century in Mexico.
However, while Chinacos are meant to represent irregular cavalry soldiers, they weren’t the only ones existing at that time.

Historically speaking, the cavalry of the Mexican Army was formed by regiments of lancers during the 19th century (one of them, the Presidial Lancers, is referenced in the namesake card). Additionally, there were the Tulancingo Cuirassiers, an elite regiment that is also present as a card (they were not lancers, of course, but they are also referenced after all).

So, adding a new cavalry unit may be difficult to balance (and probably a bit unfair), but a new skin, or improved statistics could be nice.
I’ve made a post in another topic, but considering a new cavalry unit. If that’s the case, below is an idea.

How do regular Mexican lancers were like?
They looked like this:

Lancers of Jalisco, the most famous regiment.

About a new name
That’s something I am thinking about. Of course, just renaming Chinacos as Mexican Lancers would be generic. Lancer of Jalisco could fit, but again, they weren’t the only ones.

How are they going to be obtained?
Adding a new card is my idea, but considering I am not the most experimented player, I don’t want to come up with something that sounds out of place. In any case, let me share what I was thinking:

  • A card that works in a similar way to TEAM Kapikulu, improves the Chinacos statistics and replaces their skin. Sending them to all the TEAM members is debatable.
  • If they are added as a new unit (which I consider less likely to happen), making them only available from shipments, as the Urumi or the Spahi. In this case, they will be only considered hand cavalry, but not lancers, to balance the effect of the Caballeros card.

What do you think? Feel free to suggest any idea or opinion. Thanks for reading.

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All of these things are already in the game. There are cards for Presidial Lancers (buffs Chinacos) and Tulancingo Cuirassiers (enables Cuirassiers at Forts). There’s also a card called Spanish Sympathisers that enables Lancers at Forts.


Yes, and I mentioned that. But I think it could be a nice detail, at least for a visual upgrade. Devs made it with the Kapikulu Spahi.

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Pretty sure they went with Chinaco precisely because the other ones didn’t really have names that were that unique and they’d most definitely overlap with European unique units.

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I thought the same. Chinacos were indeed really important in Mexican history.
Being honest, that was the difficult part of thinking about this suggestion