[Suggestion] Native Embassy: Reworking them to be more useful

Hello guys,

Here are some thoughts I had about the Native Embassy building.
Originally, this building was added in The Warchiefs expansion.
Its main purpose was to make players use more Minor Civs units, as they were unpractical at best.

My aims are:

  • To continue on the original purpose of the building and make Embassies and Natives alliances in general be more useful all around.
  • Remove many irritent that affect everyone, but especially Late Game/Treaty

Minor civs Units
Global change: Make them upgrade automatically at every age (exactly like African civs do right now).
If African civs are not dominating the game with Map Natives, I don’t see how this could be an issue.
Hopefully, this would make them be used in more games.

Native Embassy
Unit Created
No changes.

Technologies of Allied Minor Civs
NEW: The Embassy would have access to all technologies of TPs controlled by teammates.

  • This would remove the need to share the TPs between teammates, as well as add more flexibility and uses for both TPs and Embassies.

(bonus: this would remove the annoying You just want to steal my Natives!!! players…)

Unique Embassies Technologies
To replace the removed upgrades (Warrior Societies, Champion and Legendary/Exalted Natives = reuse the icons possibly).
Here are some ideas that could be nice (Note: I wont add a cost or Age. This should be balanced accordingly to the strength of each upgrade)

Tech 1- Replace the Wood cost of Units for a Gold Cost: this would help reduce the cost of using them and balance Late Game for civs without easy access to wood.

Tech 2- Units can be trained in Regular Buildings (ex: An Infantry Native Unit would now be trainable in the civ normal Barrack/War Hut, etc.). For Americans civs, Captured Mortar would also go to a regular building.

  • This would greatly help those units be easier to use.
  • Still limited to the number of units per TP you have access (so 0 if you don’t own one).

Tech 3- Not sure. Any idea? :slight_smile:

Thoughts and discussion are welcomed as always.


Someone in another thread came up with a really good idea to make trade posts at Native settlements more attractive, and I guess the principle could work just as well with the Native Embassy (provided that you only could build one). The idea that other community member had was to make the building trickle a little XP over time. Just some food for thought there.