Suggestion: New civ - Georgians

OK, I have put quite a lot of thought in this, I believe it would be a really nice addition to the game:

Georgians. They had a pretty long-lasting medieval kingdom in that part of the world, have their own script, language and had a separate branch of orthodox Christianity.

Should share Eastern European architectural style but with having access to Steppe Lancer and Camel Rider lines

Infantry and Cavalry civilization

Bonuses (Bonii?):

Units have no penalty when fighting uphill or below a cliff, nor receive bonus damage from their enemies on higher elevation. If this is too OP, then reduced penalty and reduced bonus damage from their enemies.
Trees give 25% (33% or even 50%?) more wood (probably seems a bit useless, but helps with late game clutter, not having to rebuild constantly lumber camps, shorter walking distance, etc)
Towers cost -25 stone but +60 wood (not sure about the third bonus, needs testing)

Unique Unit - Khevsur warrior (infantry with mediocre stats like a long swordsman but with a 2% chance for instakill; Elite Khevsurs get 5%)
if that sounds sketchy which on second thought it kinda does, then Khevsurs could be an infantry that heal themselves when attacking (10-20% of damage done - or even more - gets back as hit points).

Unique Techs:
Castle age: Caucasian warfare : regenerating trash (skirms, pikes, hussars regenerate 12HP per minute) 600F 450G
Imperial age: Monaspa (Steppe Lancers get +1 melee armor and +2 pierce armor, also attack 10% faster) 800F 800G (dunno if that isn’t too OP)

Team Bonus:
Outposts cost 10 wood and don’t cost stone; have 2x HP

All that might sound a bit OP for late game but the civ’s overall weakness is towards ranged units. Still needs testing as they sound too OP in late game.

Tech tree
Barracks: militia line up to and including champions
Pikes, but NO halberdiers
obviously NO eagle line
supplies, squires, arson

Archery Range:
Crossbows, NO arbalests
Elite skirms
Hand Cannoneers
Heavy CA withOUT Parthian Tactics
NO thumb ring

Camel Riders (NOT heavy)
Obviously NO elephants
Elite Steppe Lancer

Siege workshop:
Capped Ram
Heavy Scorpion
Siege Tower
Bombard Cannon

UU + Elite UU
Unique Techs as mentioned
NO hoardings

Fast Fire Ship
Cannon Galleon NON-Elite
Demolition Ship NOT Heavy DS
War Galley NO Galleon
Dry Dock

Everything except Illumination and Block Printing


Masonry, NO architecture
Stone Wall
Bombard Tower
NO Siege Engineers
Guard Tower (NO Keep)
Heated Shot
Murder Holes
Treadmill Crane

Everything (duh)


Mining Camp:
NO Stone shaft mining


That being said, there is a lot of testing to be done but I believe it is a fairly balanced civ with its advantages and drawbacks, would love to read your opinion on the matter.

5 civs with eatern european architecture set?? No… :anguished:

Are georgians counted among steppe regions?

That is a bit too much OP castle age tech.


Well their architectural style is kind of a mixture due to their unique geographical position, could be ok with middle eastern but monastery will have to be Christian. Besides, East Asian style is shared by 5 civs already so I don’t see a problem with that.

As for the second question, not really, but they used quite a lot of steppe tribe mercenaries, Monaspas were their unique Steppe Lancers, this is from wikipedia:

The Monaspa was well trained and heavily armed mounted shock cavalry, numbering some 5,000 men. It was known for being primarily composed of landless nobles and foreign mercenaries, specifically North Caucasian steppe nomads: Alans, Kasogs and Kipchaks of which approximately 14,000 Kipchak families were settled in Georgia’s frontier regions in 1118 and baptized.

Of course they could go for a Unique Steppe Lancer Unit that is slightly stronger than regular Steppe Lancers nstead of having access to the Steppe Lancer line. As for the tech, I don’t think it is too OP given the fairly low regeneration rate of 12 HP per minute, for comparison Berber camels regenerate at 15HP per minute and it is already painfully slow, besides, regenerating trash is still trash and does not cost gold but anyway I believe it needs testing to see how well it performs. I do not see it a problem to be put in Castle Age as regeneration rate is so slow it is barely going to make a difference until the game is already a bit into Imp Age time

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I do feel bad for them as well, it was probably the reason why devs took so long to decide to switch vietnamese to east asian set.

I think it will be better to make it an imperial age tech.
Trash + regenerating is already way too much as they can be mass produced and then keep using them for raiding and resting, so you never fall short of units as they don’t cost gold and now you are making them reusable unlimited times.

You can already get Cuman UU as mercenaries by this tech: Cuman Mercenaries | Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom
I don’t see a reason to add steppe lancers for the same reason again as this mercenary fact is already getting represented by the unique tech.

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I like the idea but they said no more civs some time ago, honestly with a good set of campaigns I would be happy .Then again if they made a georgian civ with the Battle of Didgori that would be even better¡


I think that it would be great if we will have only two new civs in new DLC- Georgians, Armenians for example- with unique architecture style, and other features would be campaigns, gameplay, maybe new units for old civs (It would be cool if every civ would have at least two unique units and maybe some kind of units like Eagle warriors and Battle Elephants for each group of civs)

I think it’s ok given the fact that they wouldn’t have halbs or thumb ring for skirms. Maybe removing one upgrade for archers (last armor or last attack upgrade) would make you more confortable? Also the cost is around 60% of imperial age, my guess is one would only research it after hiting imp.

Anyway, i like the concept idea. Reduced elevation damage is really fitting for then, and extra wood could be interesting. Surely it would please the georgians out there.

But the steppe lancer? idk how i feel about then. I would suggest the standart knight line instead, but the flavour is gone, since there’s lots of these in the game. Idk tho.

I previously made a topic suggesting adding the Vlach civilization, basically Romanians.

The reply was that the Definitive Edition is definitive for a reason, they don’t plan on adding more civilizations to the game.

In the hope that this isn’t true, I believe an Orthodox DLC would be a really nice addition to the game:

  • Vlachs
  • Serbians
  • Georgians
  • Armenians

For Serbs, I know we have Slavs but Slavs = Russians. The Slav civilization is a good representation of Russians but not of Polish, Bohemians, Serbians or Bulgarians.


Well, if not new civs, I’d say a great addition to the game would be a civ builder of sorts to use in a custom scenario.
Btw I now realise incas have similar tower cost reduction bonus so I would change that to something else.
As for the steppe lancers, I was first thinking about a UU that is a steppe lancer, the monaspa (ranged melee cavalry). But I kinda reverted that idea and decided to put the generic steppe lancer with slight buffs to their stats that come with a unique tech. I do believe it is very accurate historically, as the monaspas were lancers composed largely of steppe tribesmen (not only Cumans, but other tribes, too). And I do believe you overestimate trash regeneration because first of all it is very slow in hp per minute, secondly, trash dies so easily that in a continuous battle it would not really stand out too much, as usually pikes / skirms only need a few hits to die and a few extra hp that they might get through healing (only if they survive long enough) will really add next to nothing and is easily countered by monks that heal the enemy trash. Besides, they do not get halbs and thumb ring as already mentioned. I do believe it is mostly speculation at this point so we definitely need to test this out.
Also, since hill bonus is kinda in conflict with tatar hill bonus, georgians should still get hit with more damage by tatars uphill but only by the base 25% instead of 50%

The Chinese are too preoccupied with something else. Now’s the time for Tibetans. The Tibetans were also a enemy faction in Emperor:Rise of the Middle Kingdom and nothing happened to that game.

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Finally somebody started to distinguish between eastern and central Europe! :slight_smile:


Couldn’t agree more. This would fill all the missing gaps in Europe.


Disagree on this one since trash is meant to die and replacing it is really easy. I think that its a mediocre UT.

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The Slav civilization was a perfectly decent representation of Bulgarians and probably Serbians too. I know that Bulgarians are fine but they are too much like Slavs in game imo.

THe only reason you can argue they dont represent Bulgarians fine enough is because of aesthetics and that could have been easily changed

Georgians are neither nomad nor Asian people while Huns Magyars or Turks dont have Steppe Lancer it would be so stupid to add steppe lancer to Georgians

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Georgians and Armenians should be the 2 civs introduced in a caucasus-centered expansion, with a new architecture set


Not really, Monaspas were cuman mercenaries in the medieval Georgian army. Maybe the UT should enable building them in the stables as opposed to them being readily available

So these units are like mamluks?

Byzantine Architecture set for Georgia, Armenia and Byzantines and maybe the Bulgarians.


A lot of the stuff you came up with, I also came up with, so we’re thinking along the same lines.

Particularly the hill bonus negation - that’s how I had the unique unit work. We also have the same infantry tech tree, though I didn’t give them Supplies because I gave them extra HP. I made them an infantry civilization overall, with good light cavalry and strong cavalry archers as well, and yes, I gave them Steppe Lancers. Overall, very similar to my own idea, but a little different - good job!